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Bob Bly - Six Figure Consultant [eBook (PDF)]

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Bob Bly - Six Figure Consultant [eBook (PDF)]

For a variety of well-documented reasons, the overall market for business consultants--and the fierce competition among them to garner clients--continues to grow at an astounding rate. Robert Bly's The Six-Figure Consultant provides a series of clear guidelines for anyone hoping to grab a piece of this $30 billion annual industry. Whether your aim is to carve out a lucrative niche as a long-range strategy counselor, short-term implementation specialist, training-and-development guru, information provider, or temporary advisor, Bly presents solid advice on getting started, becoming an acknowledged expert on specific disciplines and industries, selling yourself, managing time and contacts, and boosting income with ancillary products and services. He concludes with a lengthy list of relevant books, magazines, software products, Web sites, vendors, organizations, and conferences, as well as various documents for everything from outlining a monthly retainer arrangement to advising clients when you're on vacation. --Howard Rothman

From the Back Cover
Get paid what you're really worth! Consulting pays. At least it does if you market yourself correctly. Corporate America pays out more than $30 billion annually for consulting services. The money's out there. Here's how to make sure you get your share! "The Six-Figure Consultant: How to Start (or Jump-Start) Your Consulting Career and Earn $100,000 a Year" will help you earn top dollar for your expertise.
"...required reading for both newcomers considering consulting and consultants interested in maximizing their income job satisfaction." (Roger C. Parker, coauthor of "Microsoft Office 97 for Windows for Dummies")

"It certainly delivers what it promises. Chapters 7 and 14 alone are worth the cost. I was struck not only by the number of new ideas gained, but also by lessons learned that in my case need not have been learned the hard way had I had this book." (Terry C. Smith, seminar leader/consultant)

"If you want to add consulting to your quiver of profit arrows or upgrade your fees and services if you are already in the field, get this book now. Tremendously valuable." (Dottie Walters, publisher/editor of "Sharing Ideas," Newsmagazine for Professional Speakers & Consultants, and president, Walters International Speaker/Consultant Bureau)

Bob Bly Six Figure Consultant eBook PDF


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