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CCNA 4 Discovery v4.0 All Exams Scored 100% Final Exam

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All Exams For CCNA 4 Discovery 4.0 Scored 100%

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

Module 9

Enjoy CCNA 4 Discovery v4 0 All Exams Scored 100 Final Exam

Final Exam Here:


Isn't the point of taking the Academy classes to actually learn the material? If I had these in my CCNA and my CCNP coursework, it would have been very tempting to shortcut.

(CrOwN. @ Jul 17 2008, 05:27 PM) CCNA 4 Discovery v4 0 All Exams Scored 100 Final Exam
Final Exam Here:

What is the password to encrypt the final exam?Plz send me on my id or in this forum

(CrOwN. @ Jul 17 2008, 09:57 PM) CCNA 4 Discovery v4 0 All Exams Scored 100 Final Exam
Final Exam Here:

What is the password?

I remember the good old days when I was at the Cisco Academy and we actually had to take exams from our knowledge.

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    Which network design layer provides a connection point for end user devices to the network?





    Which protocol is used by a client to browse the web server?





    What is an ISP?

    It is a standards body that develops cabling and wiring standards for networking.

    It is a protocol that establishes how computers within a local network communicate.

    It is an organization that enables individuals and businesses to connect to the Internet.

    It is a networking device that combines the functionality of several different networking devices in one.

    What portion of the destination IP address is used as a packet is routed through the Internet?

    subnet mask

    host portion

    network portion

    default gateway address

    Which protocol is used to transfer files among network devices and perform file-management functions?





    Which statement accurately describes what network devices do in the distribution layer of the three layer design model?

    They interconnect individual hosts.

    They interconnect multiple companies.

    They interconnect local network segments.

    They interconnect the company network to the ISP.

    Which of the following statements best describes DNS?

    DNS servers are used to map an IP address to a physical address.

    DNS servers are used to map a name to an IP address.

    DNS servers are used to configure logical address information for host computers.

    DNS servers are used to translate from private addresses to public addresses.


    Refer to the graphic. Assume that the command output is from a wireless DHCP client that is connected to a Linksys integrated router. What can be deduced from the output?

    The wireless connection is good.

    The WEP key or SSID needs to be checked.

    The DHCP configuration on the router needs to be checked.

    The wireless NIC driver or the NIC itself needs to be reinstalled.


    Refer to the exhibit. An educational institution needs to connect PC systems that use private IP addressing to the Internet. They have multiple systems that need to access the Internet, but were only able to purchase one public IP address. What should be activated on the Linksys integrated router to achieve this goal?







    What are the two possible values for a digital bit? (Choose two.)







    What is an advantage of purchasing a custom-built computer?

    It is beneficial for less knowledgeable consumers.

    The waiting period for assembly is negligible.

    The cost is lower compared to a computer that has been preassembled.

    The user can specify high-performance components to meet specific needs.

    What information is contained in the Ethernet frame trailer?

    user data

    source IP address

    segment information

    destination MAC address

    error checking information

    Which three IP addresses use address space that is defined as private? (Choose three.)


    Refer to the exhibit. How many additional hosts can be added to the local network?







    What is the purpose of pop-up blocker software?

    It detects and removes spyware.

    It detects and removes viruses.

    It prevents the display of advertisement windows.

    It removes unwanted e-mail.
    Which network entity would most likely be configured as both a DHCP client and a DHCP server?


    desktop PC

    wireless laptop

    PC-based server

    integrated services home router

    What is the name for the contract between a customer and an ISP that specifies requirements for uptime and service response time?





    What measurement is commonly used to describe communication speed when transferring data?






    Refer to the exhibit. A user on host A sends an e-mail to the user on host B. Which type of message does host A send?






    Refer to the exhibit. A home network is configured with the information in the graphic. A user tries to manually create a new connection to the network using the SSID Ciscoclass. However, a connection cannot be made. What could be the problem?

    The SSID is case-sensitive.

    The SSID must contain at least one number.

    The SSID should be used with the default name.

    The SSID must contain a minimum of 32 characters.

    What two pieces of information should a help desk technician document while troubleshooting connectivity issues with an end user? (Choose two.)

    the CPU clock speed of the computer

    the number of network jacks that are in the room

    if the user can ping the default gateway address

    if the word processing software is installed correctly

    whether the PC uses dynamic or static IP addressing

    For the second time in a week, workstations on a LAN are not able to log into the server. The technician fixed the problem the first time, but cannot remember the steps taken to solve it. What aspect of the troubleshooting process has the technician neglected?

    identifying the problem

    asking end-users questions

    documenting the troubleshooting process

    using structured techniques to solve a problem

    A local PC has the correct configuration that is required to access the network. A ping command that is sourced at the PC does not receive a response from a remote device. Which operating system command might be used to determine where the connection failed?





    Which three statements describe an IP address? (Choose three.)

    An IP address is known as a logical address.

    An IP address uses a 30-bit addressing scheme.

    An IP address is found in the Layer 2 header during transmission.

    The network portion of an IP address is burned into a network interface card.

    An IP address is unique within the same local network.

    The network portion of an IP address will be the same for all hosts that are connected to the same local network.


    Refer to the exhibit. A user sets up a home network and uses a crossover cable from Switch1 to the Internet port on the ISR. However, there is no connection between the host H1 and the server. What should the user do in order to establish a connection?

    Replace the cable with a console cable.

    Replace the cable with a rollover cable.

    Replace the failed crossover cable with a working crossover cable.

    Replace the cable with a straight-through cable.


    Refer to the exhibit. A PC is requesting a web page from a server on the Internet through a router running NAT. What combination of destination IP address and destination port number will the web server use when replying to this request?, 38459, 49159, 38459, 49159

    Because of an increasing number of users, bandwidth per user on a WLAN has decreased to a point where users are complaining about poor performance. What can be done to improve the user experience?

    Increase the AP radio signal strength.

    Place the AP in a more central location.

    Deploy an external omni-directional antenna.

    Reduce the number of devices using each channel.

    Select the connection that would require a straight-through cable.

    a switch to a hub

    a router to a switch

    a switch to a switch

    a router to a router

    Which statement is true about packet filtering?

    It recognizes and filters specific types of attacks.

    It permits access based on IP address.

    It is performed from a host network device.

    It translates an internal address or group of addresses into a public address that is sent across the network.

    What is the purpose of the ipconfig /release command?

    It forces a client to give up its current IP address.

    It forces a client to give up its current MAC address.

    It forces the client to clear all the MAC address to IP address associations it has learned.

    It shows the current IP configuration on the client.
    For the TCP/IP model for internetwork communication, which statement describes the process for the transition of data from the internet layer to the network access layer?

    An IP packet is encapsulated in a frame.

    A TCP segment is placed in an IP packet.

    HTML data is encapsulated in a TCP segment.

    A frame is placed on the network media as encoded bits.

    Where do ISPs get the public addresses that they assign to end users?

    ISPs create the addresses themselves.

    ISPs are assigned addresses through the RFC.

    ISPs obtain their addresses automatically.

    ISPs obtain address blocks from registry organizations.

    What type of computer would most likely use a docking station?







    Refer to the exhibit. The security policy of an organization allows employees to connect to the office intranet from their homes. Which type of security policy is this?

    acceptable use

    incident handling

    network maintenance

    remote access

    What does the term "attenuation" mean in data communication?

    loss of signal strength as distance increases

    time for a signal to reach its destination

    leakage of signals from one cable pair to another

    strengthening of a signal by a networking device

    A home user is looking for an ISP connection that provides high speed digital transmission over regular phone lines. What ISP connection type should be used?




    cell modem

    cable modem

    What component of a personal computer is responsible for the processing of all data?




    system bus

    operating system

    What are two examples of storage peripheral devices? (Choose two.)


    flash drive


    external DVD

    barcode reader

    Which two causes of networking problems are related to the physical layer? (Choose two.)

    damaged cables and connectors

    incorrect addressing

    incorrect subnet mask

    overheated components

    incorrect default gateway

    What is true about a wireless access point that is equipped with an omnidirectional antenna?

    concentrates signal in one direction

    typically used in bridging applications

    radiates the signal equally in all directions

    provides the greatest transmission distance of all antenna types that are used by APs

    How does a crossover cable make it possible for two "like devices" (for example, two switches) to communicate?

    The transmit pins are disconnected and only the receive pins are used.

    The transmit pins on one device are connected to the transmit pins on the other device.

    The receive pins on one device are connected to the receive pins on the other device.

    The transmit pins on one device are connected to the receive pins on the other device.

    What is the function of CSMA/CA on a wireless Ethernet network?

    to prevent collisions

    to broadcast messages

    to select the least congested channel

    to establish an ACK between devices

    A user has reported a failure to connect to the network. Based on similar calls from other users in the same location, the network technician starts troubleshooting by entering the ipconfig command on the user computer. Which troubleshooting technique is the technician using?





    Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum is commonly used to exchange data between a PDA and a computer?





    After attaching four PCs to the switch ports, configuring the SSID and setting authentication properties for a small office network, a technician successfully tests the connectivity of all PCs that are connected to the switch and WLAN. A firewall is then configured on the device prior to connecting it to the Internet. What type of network device includes all of the described features?


    ISR router

    firewall appliance

    standalone wireless access point
    What is the function of a physical topology map?

    records IP addressing of each host

    records hostnames and applications

    organizes groups of hosts by how they use the network

    shows where wiring is installed and the locations of network devices


    Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true based on the configuration shown?

    Multiple modes of encryption are configured on this device.

    Both 802.11b and 802.11g hosts can connect to this device.

    All APs in the WLAN will allow wireless connections via channel 6.

    The network name must be entered on a host computer before the host connects to this network.

    A host wants to send information simultaneously to all the other hosts in the same network. Which domain will support this type of communication?





    What is the default subnet mask for the IP address

    Under what circumstance would it be appropriate to use private IP addresses?

    for communication between two ISPs

    for a network that is directly connected to the Internet

    for addresses that are used exclusively within an organization.

    for a host with more than one direct connection to the Internet


    Refer to the exhibit. A small office uses an ISR to provide connectivity for both wired and wireless computers. One day, a sales person who is using a laptop cannot connect to Server1 through the wireless network. A network technician attempts to determine if the problem is on the wireless or the wired network. The technician pings successfully from the wireless laptop to the default gateway IP address on the ISR. What should be the next troubleshooting step?

    Ping from the laptop to PC1.

    Ping from Server1 to PC1.

    Ping from Server1 to its gateway IP address.

    Ping from the laptop to the Ethernet port on the cable modem.

    A home user was successfully browsing the Internet earlier in the day but is now unable to connect. A ping command from a wireless laptop to a wired PC in the LAN is successful, but the nslookup command fails to resolve a website address. The user decides to analyze the LEDs on the Linksys router to verify connectivity. Which LED should be of main concern in this situation?


    power LED

    Internet LED

    1-4 Ethernet LEDs
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    Lynn_w98 at live dot com
  99. ichode erasmus @ 2012-04-17 10:56:21, email hidden

    guys would you send me ccna 4 certification # 1,certification # 2 need before 19th april 2012.
  100. navinda @ 2012-06-15 11:31:12, email hidden

    Plz Send me answer
  101. ENG. NHIAL LAM KHOR @ 2014-06-29 04:53:00, email hidden

    send me the answers for CCNA discovery three Final Exam

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