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The Shop Wisdom of Philip Duclos by Philip Duclos

ISBN: 0941653048

标签: 硬件

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The Shop Wisdom of Philip Duclos by Philip Duclos

The Shop Wisdom of Philip Duclos by Philip Duclos
Village Press Publications Inc. | 1991 | ISBN: 0941653048 | Pages: 205 | PDF | 160.80 MB

I love surprises. Totally out of the blue, in early 1984, an unsolicited article came to my office. Its title was "A Temporary Self-locking Stub Mandrel." In the third year of existence for The Home Shop Machinist, I was receiving a fair amount of good quality machining articles, so this one did not seem so unusual. However, it was to be the beginning of a seemingly never-ending string of superb articles from Philip Duclos covering the spectrum - foundry related subjects, machining techniques, and accessories and hobby projects to build.

When that first article arrived, what immediately stuck me was the superior photography. Phil clearly knew how to take a picture that was in focus, composed carefully, properly balanced from black to white, and said what it needed to say. Furthermore, he laid out his text in a linear, logical fashion that required editing only for HSM style. (An editor always appreciates people like this!)

As one fine article after another kept appearing, I began to see what a treasure was being bestowed upon me, as editor, and you, as reader. When the first hobby project, "Odds 'n Ends Hit 'n Miss Engine" arrived, there was no more wondering about the limits of Phil's skill and imagination - he has no limits. It still stands as the most popular hobby project we ever published in The Home Shop Machinist. What delights me most are his unique little stationary engines. They are offbeat, bright, and beautiful, and they run like champs. Some look like space age inventions, but they operate on the same principles that were discovered ages ago. In a mere six years, Philip Duclos has amassed an impressive array of articles and projects, and I can think of no better way to salute his creativity than to pull all his work together into book form, and call it "Shop Wisdom..." I could as easily and appropriately call it "Shop Joy...," because it's clear to me that he does all this with a fire of delight burning brightly inside him every moment he's at play (work) in his shop. I trust some of his joy will spill out and over you as you read this book.

Joe Rice Editor

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