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  1. 2012-10-04Life Science (repost)
  2. 2012-10-04Animal Behavior: Mechanism, Development, Function, and Evolution (repost)
  3. 2012-10-04Magical Mind, Magical Body : Mastering the Mind/Body Connection for Perfect Health and Total Well-Being
  4. 2012-10-04Scientific Review of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement: Drakes Bay Oyster Company Special Use Permit
  5. 2012-10-04General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry (Repost)
  6. 2012-10-04Essentials of Biology by Sylvia Mader
  7. 2012-10-04Essentials of the Living World by George B. Johnson (Repost)
  8. 2012-10-04Microsoft Access 2010: Complete (Shelly Cashman Series(r) Office 2010) by Gary B. Shelly
  9. 2012-10-04Marakana – Introduction To Android NDK
  10. 2012-10-04Personality Psychology: Domains of Knowledge about Human Nature, 4 edition (repost)
  11. 2012-10-04A Geoscientist's Guide to Petrophysics (repost)
  12. 2012-10-04Handbook of Crystal Growth
  13. 2012-10-04Steel Structures: Design and Behavior (5th Edition) (repost)
  14. 2012-10-04Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics and Dynamics, 9th edition (repost)
  15. 2012-10-05"XDA Developers' Android™ Hacker's Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Rooting, ROMs and Theming" by Jason Tyler with Will Verduzco
  16. 2012-10-05Active Physics: A Project-Based Inquiry Approach, Physics for All (3rd Edition)
  17. 2012-10-05Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs: An Interactive Approach to Self-Care, 16 edition (repost)
  18. 2012-10-05Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine (2 Vol Set) (repost)
  19. 2012-10-05Diamonds in Nature: A Guide to Rough Diamonds (repost)
  20. 2012-10-05Friedrich Nietzsche - Aurora. Pensieri sui pregiudizi morali (Edizione Integrale)
  21. 2012-10-05Physically Based Rendering, Second Edition: From Theory To Implementation
  22. 2012-10-05IP Address Management Principles and Practice (repost)
  23. 2012-10-05HTML5 24-Hour Trainer (repost)
  24. 2012-10-05Advanced Systems Design with Java, UML and MDA (repost)
  25. 2012-10-05Percutaneous Device Closure of the Atrial Septum by Stephen J.D. Brecker (Repost)
  26. 2012-10-05PDR for Herbal Medicines by Thomas Fleming (Repost)
  27. 2012-10-05Passing the USMLE: Clinical Knowledge by Ahmad Wagih Abdel-Halim (Repost)
  28. 2012-10-05Osteoporosis: Diagnosis, Prevention, Therapy by Reiner Bartl and Bertha Frisch (Repost)
  29. 2012-10-05New Frontiers in Men's Sexual Health: Understanding Erectile Dysfunction and the Revolutionary New Treatments (Repost)
  30. 2012-10-05Neuroergonomics: The Brain at Work by Raja Parasuraman and Matthew Rizzo (Repost)
  31. 2012-10-05Beginning Web Development, Silverlight, and ASP.NET AJAX: From Novice to Professional-repost
  32. 2012-10-05Conceptual Issues in Evolutionary Biology (A Bradford Book) by Elliott Sober
  33. 2012-10-05Essentials of Marketing Research by Joseph Hair
  34. 2012-10-05Legal Rules and International Society by Anthony C. Arend
  35. 2012-10-05New Perspectives on Microsoft Access 2010, Brief by Joseph J. Adamski (Repost)
  36. 2012-10-05Techniques for Tendon Transfer in Foot and Ankle Reconstruction Using Bio-Tenodesis™

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