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360 HDR Bracket Tool v2.1.0

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360 HDR Bracket Tool v2 1 0

360 HDR Bracket Tool v2.1.0 | 3.4 MB

This app is actively developed by an FX TD (Visual Effects Technical Director), aiming to allow fast and no-brainer preparing 360° images for producing HDRI images efficiently with Theta S or Theta SC. Images taken need to be exported to another app or on computer to merge them into the .hdr or the .exr file. There are lots of options to do that, it is suggested to use Photomatrix, PT Gui, Photoshop or Lightroom with plugin.
Features include,
1. Automatically Shooting Multiple 360° Images For HDRI.
2. Shoot Backplates with phone camera, and organize files efficiently
3. Automatically calculate exposure settings, allowing to cover wide EV range (this app is now capable shooting up to ± 9.0 EV range). This means you will not need to struggle with ISO or Shutter Speed Setting anymore with this app.
4. Automatically Download Images just shot or afterwards with file name changed to be meaningful.
5. Comprehensive logging functions to allow TD working without pressure on set. Allowing Comments, image file inspection etc.
6. Comprehensive tutorial included.
7. Connection, Theta Battery and Capacity Indicator.

What's New
Added Live Preview Function.
Fixed some wording issue.
Update Android SDK, resulting faster app and smaller apk size.

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

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