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ACCA Study Material

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BPP i-Pass CD-ROMs allow you to:
■ Test your knowledge and identify
areas requiring further study.
■ Consolidate knowledge using a
different study method.
■ Experience an environment similar to the real computer based exam
(for papers with computer based exams).

P1 - Professional Accountant

Success CDs cover the vital elements of the syllabus, in a double
CD format.
■ Extend your study time ?use Success CDs in your car, at the gym or
anywhere you can use a personal stereo.
■ Written and updated by subject experts, they focus on your exam.
■ Use another sense to take in the subject matter.
■ Choose the subject areas that you want to study quickly and easily.

F7 - Financial Reporting

P1 - Professional Accountant

P2 - Corporate Reporting

P3 - Business Analysis

P5 - Advanced Performance Measurement

P7 - Advanced Audit And Assurance

Information about IASs & IFRSs

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    It will be wonderful if it does download
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    To get regularly UPDATED ACCA stuff visit :
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    To get regularly UPDATED ACCA stuff visit :
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    Free Accountancy Study Material
    website address :
    facebook profile :
    facebook page :
    twitter profile :
    As our previous sites and have been blocked we've developed our new site.
    For regular updates and new study material add us on facebook.
    Pioneers in providing expensive accountancy study material free of cost (Team Freefor911)
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    it is nice to get learning material for free.
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    i need acca books
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    need to download ebook of F6 ACCA KAPLAN 2012.
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    i love acca but i just want to download books
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