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Artificial Intelligence , Lisp, Scheme- and Prolog eBook

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Artificial Intelligence Lisp Scheme and Prolog eBook

This collection is for anyone who is intreasted in AI not just scheme, lisp and prolog programmers, it happens to include some books on learning those languages due to there reputation and slant on AI they have. Hope you enjoy.
Artificial Intelligence
Bayesian networks
- Dynamic Bayesian Networks Representation, Inference And Learning - Kevin Patrick Murphy.pdf
- Learning Bayesian Networks - Neapolitan R. E..pdf

computer vision
- Computer Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Computer Vision Problems - Ming-Chin Lu.pdf
- Computer Vision - Linda Shapiro.pdf
- Computer Vision 2d ed - Dand h Ballard.pdf
- Computer Vision A Modern Approach - Forsyth , Ponce.pdf
- Computer Vision and Applications A Guide for Students and Practitioners - Bernd Jahne.pdf
- Feature Extraction in Computer Vision and Image Processing - Mark S. Nixon.pdf
- Fundamentals of Computer Vision - Mubarak Shah.pdf
- Handbook of Computer Vision Algorithms in Image Algebra, 2nd Ed - Gerhard X. Ritter.pdf
- Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Volume 1 Sensors and Imaging - Bernd Jahne.pdf
- Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Volume 2 Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition - - Bernd Jahne.pdf
- Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Volume 3 Systems and Applications - Bernd Jahne.pdf
- Handbook Of Mathematical Models In Computer Vision - Nikos Paragios.pdf
- Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision 2ed - Hartley R., Zisserman A.pdf
- Vision with Direction A Systematic Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision - Josef Bigun.pdf

Evolutionary computation
- Data Mining Using Grammar Based Genetic Programming and Applications - Wong, Cheung.pdf
- Evolutionary Computation for Modeling and Optimization - Daniel Ashlock.pdf
- Evolutionary computation, vol.1 basic algorithms and operators - Baeck T., Fogel D.B., Michalewicz Z.djvu
- Evolutionary computation, vol.2 advanced algorithms and operators - Baeck T., Fogel D.B., Michalewicz Z.djvu
- Genetic Programming An Introduction On the Automatic Evolution of Computer Programs and its Applications - Morgan Kaufmann.pdf
- Genetic programming Complex adaptive systems - Koza J.R..pdf
- Genetic Programming Theory and Practice II - John Koza.pdf
- The Handbook of Evolutionary Computation - Kenneth De Jong.pdf

Fuzzy systems
- FLEXIBLE NEURO-FUZZY SYSTEMS Structures, Learning and Performance Evaluation - Leszek Rutkowski.pdf
- Fusion Of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems And Genetic Algorithms - Lakhmi C. Jain , N.M. Martin.pdf
- Fuzzy Control Systems Design and Analysis A Linear Matrix Inequality Approach - Kazuo Tanaka, Hua O. Wang.pdf
- Fuzzy Logic in Embedded Microcomputers and Control Systems - Walter Banks.pdf
- Fuzzy Sets And Fuzzy Information Granulation Theory - lotfi Zadeh.pdf
- FUZZY SETS AND FUZZY LOGIC Theory and Applications - GEORGE J. KLIR , BO YUAN.pdf
- Fuzzy Sets And Systems Theory And Applications - Didier Dubois , Henri Prade.pdf
- Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing A Computational Approach to Learning and Machine Intelligence - Jyh-Shing Roger Jang.djvu
- Simulating Continuous Fuzzy Systems - James J. Buckley.pdf

- Advances in Applied Artificial Intelligence - John Fulcher.pdf
- Advances in Artificial Intelligence � SBIA 2004 - Ana L.C. Bazzan , Sofiane Labidi.pdf
- Agent-Oriented Programming - From Prolog to Guarded Definite Clauses - Matthew M. Huntbach.pdf
- Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach - Stuart J. Russell , Peter Norvig.pdf
- Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Behavioral and Cognitive Modeling of the Human Brain - Konar Amit.pdf
- ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Understanding the Promise of the Future - Derek Partridge.pdf
- Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations - Bramer Max.pdf
- Artificial Intelligence Strategies, Applications, and Models Through Search 2d ed - Christopher Thornton.pdf
- Artificial Intelligence Through Prolog - Neil C Rowe.pdf
- Artificial Intelligence Today Recent Trends and Development - Manuela Veloso.pdf

Intelligent Systems
- Hybrid architectures for intelligent systems - Lotfi A. Zadeh.chm
- Intelligent Communication Systems - Nobuyoshi Terashima.pdf
- Intelligent Systems for Engineers and Scientists 2d ed - Adrian A. Hopgood.pdf
- Intelligent Systems Fusion, Tracking, and Control - GeeWah Ng.pdf

Knowledge representation
- Knowledge representation reasoning and declarative problem solving with Answer sets - Chitta Baral.pdf

Knowledge-based systems
- Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems for Engineers - Krishnamoorthy , S. Rajeev.pdf
- Building Expert Systems in Prolog - Dennis Merritt.pdf
- Fuzzy Expert Systems and Fuzzy Reasoning - William Siler.pdf
- The handbook of applied expert systems - Jay Liebowitz.pdf

Machine learning
- An Introduction to Support Vector Machines and Other Kernel-based Learning Methods - Nello Cristianini , John Shawe.chm
- Data Mining Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques 2d ed - Morgan Kaufmann.pdf
- Introduction to Machine Learning - Nils J Nilsson.pdf
- Machine Learning - Tom Mitchell.pdf
- Machine Learning And Its Applications - Georgios Paliouras.pdf
- Machine Learning in Computer Vision - N. SEBE.pdf
- Machine Learning, Game Play, and Go - David Stoutamire.pdf
- Machine Learning, Neural And Statistical Classification - Michie , Spiegelhalter , Taylor.pdf
- Reinforcement Learning An Introduction - Richard S. Sutton , Andrew G. Barto.pdf
- Statistical Machine Learning For Information Retrieval - Adam Berger.pdf

natural language processing
- Formal Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages - Kenneth Slonneger.pdf
- Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing - Christopher D. Manning.pdf
- Natural Language Processing for Online Applications Text Retrieval,Extra ction and Categorization - Peter Jackson , Isabelle Moulinier.pdf
- Ontological Semantics - Sergei Nirenburg , Victor Raskin.pdf
- Speech and Language Processing An Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics and Speech Recognition - D.djvu

Neural networks
- An Introduction to Neural Networks - Patrick van der Smagt.pdf
- Analysis And Applications Of Artificial Neural Networks - LPG Veelenturf.pdf
- Artificial Neural Networks - Colin Fyfe.pdf
- Artificial Neural Networks in Real-life Applications - Juan R. Rabunal.pdf
- C Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic - Valluru B. Rao.pdf
- Foundations of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Knowledge Engineering - Nikola Kazabov.pdf
- Fusion of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Genetic Algorithms Industrial Applications - Lakhmi C. Jain , N.M. Martin.pdf
- Kalman Filtering and Neural Networks - Simon Haykin.pdf
- Machine Learning, Neural And Statistical Classification - Cc Taylor.pdf
- Methods and Procedures for the Verification and Validation of Artificial Neural Networks - Brian J. Taylor.pdf
- Neural Networks - A Comprehensive Foundation - Simon Haykin.pdf
- Neural Networks Algorithms, Applications,an d Programming Techniques - James A. Freeman.pdf
- Programming Neural Networks in Java - JeffHeaton.pdf
- RECENT ADVANCES IN ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS Design and Applications - Lakhmi Jain.pdf
- Recurrent Neural Networks Design And Applications - L.R. Medsker.pdf
- Static and Dynamic Neural Networks From Fundamentals to Advanced Theory - Madan M. Gupta, Liang Jin, Noriyasu Homma.pdf
- The Handbook Of Brain Theory And Neural Networks 2Nd Ed - Michael A Arbib.pdf

Pattern recognition
- An Introduction to Pattern Recognition - Michael Alder.pdf
- Evolutionary Synthesis of Pattern Recognition Systems - Bir Bhanu.pdf
- Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition 2nd Ed - Keinosuke Fukunaga.pdf
- Particle Swarm Optimization Methods for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing - Mahamed G. H. Omran.pdf
- Pattern recognition and image preprocessing 2nd ed -Sing T. Bow.pdf
- Pattern Recognition in Speech and Language Processing - WU CHOU.pdf
- Pattern Recognition with Neural Networks in C - Abhijit S. Pandya, Robert B. Macy.chm
- Statistical Pattern Recognition 2nd Ed - Andrew R. Webb.pdf

Soft Computing
- Foundations Of Soft Case-based Reasoning - SANKAR K. PAL.pdf
- Intelligent Control Systems Using Soft Computing Methodologies - Ali Zilouchian.pdf
- Learning And Soft Computing - Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, And Fuzzy Logic Models - Vojislav Kecman.pdf

- A Practical Theory of Programming - Eric C.R. Hehner.pdf
- An Introduction To Programming In Emacs Lisp, 2Nd Ed - Robert J. Chassell.pdf
- Basic Lisp Techniques - David J. Cooper.pdf
- Common Lisp - A Gentle Introduction To Symbolic Computation - David S. Touretzky.pdf
- Common Lisp - An Interactive Approach - STUART C. SHAPIRO.pdf
- Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition - Guy L. Steele.pdf
- How to Design Programs An Introduction to Computing and Programming - Matthias Felleisen.pdf
- lisp book - Gary D. Knott.pdf
- On LISP Advanced Techniques for Common LISP - Paul Graham.pdf
- Practical Common Lisp - Peter Seibel.chm
- Successful Lisp How to Understand and Use Common Lisp - David B. Lamkins.pdf
- Writing GNU Emacs Extensions - Bob Glickstein.pdf

- An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation. pdf
- Concrete Abstractions An Introduction to Computer Science Using Scheme - Max Hailperin, Barbara Kaiser, and Karl Knight.pdf
- Programming In Scheme - Eisenberg , Abelson.djvu
- Simply Scheme Introducing Computer Science 2d ed - Brian Harvey , Matthew Wright.pdf
- Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days - Dorai Sitaram.pdf
- The Scheme Programming Language 3rd ed - Kent Dybvig.chm

- Adventure in Prolog - Amzi.pdf
- Learn Prolog Now! - Patrick Blackburn, Johan Bos , Kristina Striegnitz.pdf
- Logic, Programming and Prolog 2d ed - Ulf Nilsson , Jan Maluszynski.pdf
- Prolog and Natural Language Analysis - Fernando C. N. Pereira , Stuart M. Shieber.pdf
- Prolog Programming A First Course - Paul Brna.pdf
- The Art of Prolog 2nd Ed - Leon Sterling , Ehud Shapiro.pdf

Artificial Intelligence Lisp Scheme and Prolog eBook

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