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Ben Adkins - Advertorial Master Class

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Ben Adkins Advertorial Master Class

Ben Adkins - Advertorial Master Class

Read Below For More on What You'll Master in Course.

Section 1:

The Ideal Products to Promote with Advertorials.

How to Quickly Find The Best Affiliate Promotions
Not all affiliate promotions are created equal. We'll walk you through exactly what to look for and where to look for affiliate promotions that are ideally suited for long term sales and conversion using advertorials.
The Best Local Business Types to Promote With Advertorials
Advertorials are extremely powerful when it comes to promoting local businesses. We'll walk you through the best type of local businesses to promote and why.
The Math Behind a Great Advertorial Promotion
Before you create anything you need to make sure that you can make the kind of money that you need to in order to be profitable and for it to be worth your time. We'll walk through how to map out your numbers so you can plan for success with your advertorial campaigns.
FAST START: 3 Already Mapped Out Affiliate Promotions
To Get You Going Fast, We'll give you 3 affiliate promotions that are perfectly suited for Advertorial Campaigns and the research behind them. This will allow you to get started right away (even if you want to skip doing the research yourself at first)

Section 2:

How to Write the Perfect Advertorial for Conversions

The 2 Perfect Presell Content Formulas
The Key to the Entire System is knowing how to create the kind of content that doesn't seem like its trying to sell the reader something. while still setting the stage for your sale. We'll go through the 2 content formulas that make this possible and show you the subtle art of making it work. When you Master this skill you can literally sell anything Online.
Software we Use to Cheat When it Comes to Advertorial Creation.
I confess. we don't just write all of our advertorials from scratch. I use a few tools to give myself a leg up. I'll show you exactly what they are and how to use them to get and advantage and do less work in prepping your advertorial campaign.
The Services We Use to Help With Writing Content (Scaling)
We'll walk you through the service providers that we use to help with content creation once we start scaling our earnings up. Just knowing about these services is enough to change your business in the next 60 days.

Section 3:

How to Setup the Perfect Advertorial Website

Perfect Advertorial Site Structure
The Best way to strengthen a good Advertorial is to have a website that supports what its trying to do around it. I'll walk you through the exact way to setup the page that will house your advertorial. This helps up your short term and long term conversions.
Setting it All Up in WordPress
Wordpress is how I recommend you setup your advertorial sites and I'll show you all of the theme setup and plugin setups that you're going to need to maximize your results. (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
Setting it All Up in a Page Builder
Don't want to use WordPress? I Understand. Sometimes I just want to get a campaign up quickly to test everything in a new niche. In that scenario, I don't like setting up and entire site. I'll show you how to setup an advertorial in a Page Builder to make money without Using WordPress Builds.
Traffic Recycling Techniques
This is one of the Most Important Things that I do when running advertorials. If you miss these, you'll end up losing traffic that you paid for and missing out on a ton of extra profit. I'll walk you through my Power Traffic Saving Methods inside so you don't leave anything on the Table.

Section 4:

How to Run Traffic That Converts to your Advertorial

How to Use Facebook Ads for Short Term Income
I'll show you how to setup, target, and scale your Facebook Ads so that you can get super cheap traffic to your Advertorial Pages (and even how to get people to share your Advertorial for free).
How to Use Twitter Ads For Short Term Income
Twitter Ads don't get a lot of attention these days, but they are an absolute goldmine if you understand how to use them. I'll walk you through the process of setting them up and how to get cheap targeted traffic to your advertorial with them.
How to Plan For Long Term Income with all of Your Advertorials.
If you setup everything correctly, you're setting up your site to send a ton of organic traffic in the longterm (traffic that is hyper targeted that you don't have to pay for). I'll show you exactly how to plan for this so you can build a true Long Term Asset that pays you monthly.


The Local Business Advertorial [Case Study #1]
We'll show you a real world case study of how to use Advertorials to Power a Local Gyms Subscription Program.
The Physical Product Advertorial [Case Study #2]
We'll show you the full process of how one Business is using an Advertorial to power an Online Physical Product Ecom Business.
The Digital Software Advertorial [Case Study #3]
We'll Walk you through the real world case study of how one Business is Selling their Software using a very clever Advertorial Campaign.

Advertorial Master Class Platinum

Everything From the Basic Package.
[Case Study #1]
The Local Business Advertorial
[Case Study #2]
The Physical Product Advertorial
Case Study #3
The Network Marketing Advertorial
Case Study #4
The Digital Software Advertorial

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Ben Adkins Advertorial Master Class

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