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BioChemistry 2010 ? Oregon State University

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BioChemistry 2010 ? Oregon State University
BioChemistry 2010 Oregon State University
BioChemistry 2010 Oregon State University
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Genre: eLearning
These video courses teach u everything u need to know about Biochemistry from A-Z.
Dr. Kevin Ahern
1-Elementary Biochemistry
01 Introduction
02 Water_Solutions I
03 Water_Solutions II
04 Amino Acids_Peptides
05 Protein Structure I
06 Protein Structure II
07 Protein Purification
08 Enzymes I
09 Enzymes II
10 Enzyme Inhibition
11 Enzyme Controls
12 Membranes I
13 Review Session #1
14 Membranes
15 Nucleic Acids
16 DNA Synthesis I
17 DNA Synthesis II
18 RNA Synthesis
19 RNA Synthesis II
20 Protein Synthesis I
21 Protein Synthesis II
22 Review Session #2
23 Biotechnology
24 Hot Topics
25 Energy and Metabolism
26 Carbohydrates
27 Glycolysis I
28 Glycolysis II
29 Carbohydrate Storage_Glycogen
30 Citric Acid Cycle
31 Review Session #3
32 Electron Transport_Oxidative Phospho
33 Lipid Metabolism
34 Lipid Metabolism II
35 Photosynthesis I
36 Nitrogen Metabolism
37 Nitrogen Metabolism II
38 Signaling
2-Intro Acids_Bases
01 IntroductionHydrogen BondsSt
02 BuffersHenderson Hasselbalchp
03 BuffersAmino AcidsStructure,
04 Protein structures primary and secondary
05 Protein structures tertiaryqu
06 Prionsmad cow diseaseRNase,
07 Protein characterizationSDS-PA
08 Western blottingMALDI-TOFmyo
09 HemoglobinBohr effectCO2si
10 Enzymes mechanism of actionV
11 Perfect enzymessequential dis
12 Suicide inhibitionpenicillin,
13 Allostery_Regulation I Mechani
14 Allostery_Regulation II ATCas
15 Blood clotting & Carbohydrate St
16 Carbohydrate Structures #2
17 Protein TraffickingCell Signal
18 Cell Signaling #2 Insulin rec
19 Cell Signaling #3Metabolic Co
20 Metabolic Control #2Glycolysis
21 Glycolysis II
22 Glycolysis IIIGluconeogenesis
23 Gluconeogenesis II _ Glycogen M
24 Glycogen Metabolism and Regulat
25 Glycogen Metabolism and Regulat
3-General Biochemistry
1-Citric Acid Cycle I
2-Citric Acid Cycle II
3-Lipids and Membranes
4-Q&A with Tari Tan
5-Membrane Transport
7-Electron Transport
8-Q&A with Tari Tan
9-Oxidative Phosphorylation
10-Lipid MetabolismFat Transport
11-Q&A with Tari Tan
12-Steroid and Lipid Metabolism
13-Review Session #1
14-Fatty Acid Oxidation
15-Fatty Acid Synthesis
16-Fatty Acid Synthesis _ Prostaglandin
17-Nucleotide Metabolism I
19-Nucleotide Metabolism II
20-DNA ReplicationRecombinationRepair 1
21-DNA ReplicationRecombinationRepair 2
22-Q&A with Tari Tan
23-DNA ReplicationRecombinationRepair3
24-Transcription I
25-Transcription II
26-Class Review
27-Review Session #2
28-Taris Review Session
29-Protein Synthesis I
30-Protein Synthesis II
31-Gene Regulation I
32-Gene Regulation II
33-Taris Review Session
34-Gene Regulation III
35-Sensory Systems
36-Immune Systems
37-Q&A with Tari Tan
38-Final Review Session
BioChemistry 2010 Oregon State University
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