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Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 17.20.024 x64

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Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 17 20 024 x64
Size File: 6.87 GB

Cadence Design Systems Ltd., a world-renowned provider of EDA software, has released update for Cadence SPB OrCAD 16.60, software a comprehensive package design of electronic circuits, analog and digital simulation, IC design of programmable logic and custom circuits, as well as the development and preparation for the production of printed circuit boards.

Support Only for 64-Bit Windows Operating Systems
The 17.2-2016 products are supported only on the following 64-bit versions of Windows
operating systems:
❑ Microsoft® Windows® 7 (Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium)
❑ Microsoft® Windows® 8 (All service packs, such as Windows 8.1)
❑ Microsoft® Windows® 10
❑ Microsoft® Windows® 2008 Server R2
❑ Microsoft® Windows® 2012 Server

What News?
Fixed CCRs: SPB 17.2 HF024

CCRID Product ProductLevel2 Title

1762143 ADW COMPONENT_BRO Part placed using the 'Add' button does not populate 'PART_NAME' property
1765790 ADW PART_BROWSER Fail to extract component part number and footprint information
1757719 ADW TDA TDO and Windchilll Work Group Manager out of sync at times
1760607 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE Value for number of decimal places changes in Pad Designer in release 17.2-2016
1775160 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DFA Loading DFA spreadsheet crashes PCB Editor in release 17.2-2016
1765984 ALLEGRO_EDITOR OTHER Cannot view System Info
1729350 ALLEGRO_EDITOR REPORTS Net loop is not listed in report
1725242 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE 'Same net shape to hole spacing' is only detecting the DRC and not voiding the shape
1754402 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Illegal arc radius error (SPMHA1-85)
1762888 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Border line missing for some crosshatch (xhatch) shape voids
1769188 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHOW_ELEM 'Show Element' with the 'Groups' option used on certain modules crashes PCB Editor
1767690 ALLEGRO_EDITOR TESTPREP PCB Editor crashes when running automatic Testprep
1737337 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_FORMS Pinned Show Element window closes when opening new design in release 17.2-2016
1736642 ALLEGRO_PROD_TOOLB INTEGRATION Cannot change accuracy to 4 for 'Change Width' in Productivity Toolbox
1685216 ALTM_TRANSLATOR CAPTURE Third-party translator placing symbols off grid
1738679 ALTM_TRANSLATOR CAPTURE Connectivity loss in imported schematic
1738705 ALTM_TRANSLATOR CAPTURE Connectivity loss in imported schematic
1748583 ALTM_TRANSLATOR CAPTURE Crash on importing design using third-party translator
1679310 ALTM_TRANSLATOR PCB_EDITOR Third-party translator should fix off-centered connections
1686845 ALTM_TRANSLATOR PCB_EDITOR Third-party translator does not place parts after successful translation
1723141 ALTM_TRANSLATOR PCB_EDITOR Placement outlines are rotated in third-party translator
1723164 ALTM_TRANSLATOR PCB_EDITOR Third-party translator creates board with missing data: vias, traces, and so on
1723190 ALTM_TRANSLATOR PCB_EDITOR Third-party translator changes design origin
1750496 ALTM_TRANSLATOR PCB_EDITOR Third-party board with arc tracks not correctly converted to arc clines
1769624 APD DATABASE Attempted symbol delete crashes APD
1727206 APD SHAPE Merging two shapes results in an incorrect shape
1707756 ASDA VARIANT_MANAG Scrolling in Create Variant closes tool
1753699 CM RELEASE installDebugger() does not work in release 17.2-2016 as SKILL kit is not installed
1741534 CONCEPT_HDL CORE DE-HDL freezes when selecting a net that contains many connections
1752687 CONCEPT_HDL CORE The move command changes the connectivity of the schematic
1763525 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Genview crashes when generating split symbols
1766797 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Schematic not refreshed after using the clear xnet overrides feature
1770852 F2B PACKAGERXL ERROR(SPCOPK-1138): A hard location was found on instances of different physical part types
1754473 FSP DE-HDL_SCHEMA Provide an option to generate symbols with custom attributes
1748106 FSP OTHER Create protocol from existing protocol error message needs clarity
1724201 FSP SYMBOL_EDITOR Unable to change 'Pin Direction' in symbol editor
1772429 ORBITIO ALLEGRO_SIP_I Import - OrbitIO: Translator cannot create bundle in PCB Editor
1725759 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER PCB shape/plane capacitance
1760924 SIP_LAYOUT DIE_STACK_EDI Package height of die .dra file reset to 110um when placed
1764385 SIP_LAYOUT MODULES Embedded components are unplaced in created modules (.mdd)
1733679 SIP_LAYOUT OTHER 'metal density scan' does not use select window
1763707 SIP_LAYOUT OTHER SiP Layout exits with error message in release 17.2-2016
1763515 SIP_RF DIEEXPORT Virtuoso writes incorrect width for 45 degree path segments in XDA file
1772397 TDA DEHDL DE-HDL crashes if license is not available for team design


Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 17 20 024 x64

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