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Catalyst 5.8: the Perl MVC Framework

ISBN: 1847199240

标签: Perl/PHP/Python

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Catalyst 5 8 the Perl MVC Framework
Catalyst 5.8: the Perl MVC Framework
P--kt Publishing; 1st New edition edition | ISBN: 1847199240 | PDF + EPUB | 244 pages | 5.3 MB

Many web applications are implemented in a way that makes developing them difficult and repetitive. Catalyst is an open source Perl-based Model-View-Controller framework that aims to solve this problem by reorganizing your web application to design and implement it in a natural, maintainable, and testable manner, making web development fun, fast, and rewarding.
This book teaches you how to use Catalyst to weave the various components involved in a web application, using methods and tools you personally prefer along with recommendations and details on the most popularly used objects like the DBIX ORM, TT2 Template, and Moose.

This book will take you from how the MVC pattern simplifies creating quality applications to how Catalyst allows you to tap this power instantly. It explains advanced design patterns and concludes with the improvements that Moose brings to all this. It also incorporates valuable suggestions and feedback received from the community members and our customers. By the end of the book, you will be able to build clean, scalable, and extendable web applications. This book embodies Catalyst’s philosophies of Do It Yourself and Don’t Repeat Yourself.

Design, develop, test, and deploy applications rapidly with the open source MVC Catalyst framework

Build scalable and extendable web applications using the agile MVC framework

Increase reusability and empower the delivery of more complex design patterns by extending the MVC concept
Build an editable web interface
Extend Catalyst through plugins
Plenty of examples with detailed walkthroughs to create sample applications
Updated for the latest version, Catalyst 5.8

What you will learn from this book

Use the Template toolkit to generate HTML output
Design a database schema and access a SQLite database
Create a CRUD interface to a database
Use FormBuilder to define auto-generating and self-validating forms
Create easy-to-maintain configuration files
Import CSV files into a database
Paginate search results
Use the session plugin to add sessions to an application
Explore authentication and authorization, implementing page-level and record-level control
Use DBIC for easy handling of data
Add a REST API to allow other applications to access your application
Add AJAX interactivity to your application
Incorporate RSS feeds in your application
Automate testing and learn “Test-Driven Development”
Mix a procedural interface with a relational DBIx::Class interface
Write a database interface without DBIx::Class
Build a custom Model without using any database

The book is written in an exploratory style: try something and then understand how it works. It will guide you through the features of Catalyst using real-world examples and systematic code snippets.

Who this book is written for
If you are a Perl Developer and want to strengthen your skill by understanding Web Application development using MVC principles, then this book is for you.

About the Author
Antano Solar John is a tech evangelist who is passionate about using technology to revolutionize the learning experience! He authored his first book on MODx with Packt in 2008 which was also the first book ever written on this platform.

Antano has contributed massively to the open source community in terms of documentation, code, and support on various platforms based on PHP, Perl, Lisp, Python, Ruby, and so on. His contribution to the open source world has allowed him to meet and model from a variety of people who have learned to code and think naturally! His writing skills benefit from this advantage thereby bringing structure and clarity to the learner.

Antano’s first technical publication titled “Help AI Help You-Swiss Knife of Communication” was on Communication and Machine Learning using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) concepts such as Meta Modelling and Deep Structures, which was critically acclaimed by communication and technology experts. He has also been recently certified as a licensed NLP practitioner by its cofounder Richard Bandler. Other papers by Antano include “802.11 MAC Enhancements-Breaking Barriers of Wireless Speed” that was published in the IEEE Journal, “Learning to Develop in the Open Source World”, and so on.

Owing to his experience as a consultant and trainer, Antano has designed course structure and content for corporate learners at different levels on subjects such as Object Oriented Perl, Unix System Fundamentals, Shell basic, Ruby on Rails, and so on. In association with MaFoi Ranstad, Antano entirely designed and implemented a structured course for transitioning web designers into developers through a one-day blended learning program called “Learn”.

Antano has been keenly focusing on Accelerated Learning. He has conducted workshops at various reputed colleges and corporate events on how to learn quickly and effectively-technology languages and platforms using strategies that he has developed. His experience with NLP, which is the science of Modelling Excellence has helped him with this effort.

As part of his consultant assignments he has worked on Catalyst from its early stages. He has been a consultant and a trainer providing IT solutions and sessions on VoIP, networks, and software platforms, and languages. Currently, he is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at NuVeda Learning. In his present role, he is responsible for accelerated learning solutions which leverages technology for speed and scale.

Antano’s other interests include Music, Dance, Martial Arts, and Chess. He used to play Chess professionally as a child. Antano used to run a successful gaming business when gaming as a business was almost unheard of. He has also won the yahoo hack award twice in India consequently, once for developing a Collaborative Browsing Mechanism using lines of code shorter than this biography without any server or proxy and then yet again for developing a Hybrid Search Engine from scratch in 24 hours that uses Machine and Social Intelligence to identify, search, and distill information in contexts you expect!

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