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Cook’s Country – Season Three

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Cook s Country Season Three

Cook’s Country – Season Three
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In their new series, the cast and crew of America’s Test Kitchen crash the headquarters of Cook’s Country magazine, a renovated 1806 farmhouse with a working test kitchen, a live studio audience, two barns and the odd neighbor with a knack for stopping by with urgent cooking problems.

The testers and tasters at Cook’s Country turn a frugal eye toward the most reliable and cost-effective cookware, kitchen tools and supermarket foods over the course of four segments: Cook’s Country Recipes with Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin-Davison, Food Tastings with Jack Bishop, Equipment Testing with Adam Ried and Test Kitchen Tips and Techniques.

In the recipe segments, chefs Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin-Davison cook America’s favorite recipes from Cook’s Country magazine with host Christopher Kimball. Bridget and Julia deconstruct each recipe to reveal the Cook’s Country test kitchen secrets to foolproof cooking at home. Next, Jack Bishop challenges Christopher Kimball to taste supermarket staples in front of a live audience, and then reveals the test kitchen’s top recommendations for potato chips, jarred spaghetti sauce, orange juice and more.

Later, equipment expert Adam Ried takes Kimball through his unbiased selections — from dish detergents to inexpensive stand mixers and essential kitchen gadgets. In the tips segment, Kimball shares practical suggestions and techniques designed to make home cooking easier. Topics include: cleaning and caring for cast-iron cookware, buying and cooking beef roasts and the top-10 baking mistakes (and how to avoid them).

Season 3, Ep. 301
Two Perfect Pies
We update a classic recipe for Shaker Lemon Pie, then demonstrate how to make Icebox Strawberry Pie with real strawberries. Next, Adam Ried reviews pie plates, and Jack Bishop reveals the winners of our strawberry yogurt tasting.

Shaker Lemon Pie, Icebox Strawberry Pie
Equipment Reviews:
Pie Plates
Taste Tests:
Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt

Season 3, Ep. 302
Family Supper
We uncover the secrets to perfectly glazed meatloaf and Crunchy Potato Wedges, then share the test kitchen’s top tips for avoiding common cooking mistakes.

Glazed Meatloaf, Crunchy Potato Wedges
Equipment Reviews:
Dish Towels

Season 3, Ep. 303
Old Fashioned Pork
Join us as we prepare pork two ways. First, we find an easy way to build big flavor in our Crispy Pan-Fried Pork Chops, then we use our slow cooker to make the perfect Pork Pot Roast.

Far East Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Smokehouse Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Pan-Fried Pork Chops, Slow-Cooker Pork Pot Roast, Herb Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Caramelized Onion
Equipment Reviews:
Vacuum Sealers

Season 3, Ep. 304
Southern Comfort Food
Bridget Lancaster shows how to make a Southern original, Batter-Fried Chicken, which we serve alongside another Southern staple: Sweet Corn Spoonbread.

Sweet Corn Spoonbread, Batter-Fried Chicken
Taste Tests:
Bottled Iced Teas with Lemon

Season 3, Ep. 305
Beef Meets Grill
We bring home two grilled favorites—Texas Barbecued Beef Ribs and Char-Grilled Steaks—and then Adam Ried reveals which paper plates are strong enough to support them at your next barbecue.

Classic Steak Sauce, Texas Barbecued Beef Ribs, Char-Grilled Steaks
Equipment Reviews:
Paper Plates

Season 3, Ep. 306
Everybody Loves Chocolate
We show you how to make two sweet-tooth-satisfying desserts: Chocolate Cream Cupcakes and Texas Sheet Cake. Then tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges host Chris Kimball to a tasting of hot cocoa.

Texas Sheet Cake, Chocolate Cream Cupcakes
Taste Tests:
Hot Cocoa

Season 3, Ep. 307
Hearty Italian Meals
We take on two Italian classics and uncover the secrets to preparing the perfect Italian Pot Roast and foolproof Baked Manicotti at home.

Baked Manicotti with Meat Sauce, Italian Pot Roast
Equipment Reviews:
Pizza Wheels

Season 3, Ep. 308
Northern Cookout
Jack Bishop pits a host of supermarket barbecue sauces against our own test kitchen recipe, while Bridget Lancaster demonstrates how to make a state fair classic, Cornell Barbecued Chicken. Then, to round out the cookout, Julia Collin Davison brings a Midwest favorite home and prepares perfect Jucy Lucy Burgers.

Cornell Chicken, Jucy Lucy Burgers, Syracuse Salt Potatoes
Taste Tests:
Bottled Barbecue Sauces

Season 3, Ep. 309
The Chemistry of Cakes
Join us as we make a perfect Lemon Pudding Cake and foolproof Angel Food Cake. Then watch Adam Ried review two vital pieces of kitchen equipment: hand mixers and tube pans.

Equipment Reviews:
Hand-Held Mixers, Tube Pans, Hand-Held Mixers
Angel Food Cake, Lemon Pudding Cake

Season 3, Ep. 310
Southwestern Suppers
We reveal the test kitchen’s secrets to two Southwestern staples: Authentic Beef Enchiladas and Easy Chicken Tacos. Then, Jack Bishop challenges host Chris Kimball to a tasting of Baked Beans, and Chris shares the test kitchen’s top freezer tricks.

Easy Chicken Tacos, Beef Enchiladas
Taste Tests:
Canned Baked Beans

Season 3, Ep. 311
Breakfast Showstoppers
We update two lost recipes: Monkey Bread and Dutch Baby. Then, equipment expert Adam Ried reviews toasters, and tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges host Chris Kimball to a tasting of decaf coffee.

Dutch Baby, Monkey Bread
Taste Tests:
Decaffeinated Coffees
Equipment Reviews:
Toasters (Inexpensive 4-Slice)

Season 3, Ep. 312
Chicken Two Ways
Our Roast Lemon Chicken features real lemon flavor, and our Chicken Parmesan cooks entirely on the stovetop. We’ll demonstrate these two recipes, as well as conduct a tasting of store-bought Chicken Noodle Soup.

Skillet Chicken Parmesan, Roast Lemon Chicken
Taste Tests:
Canned Chicken Noodle Soup

Season 3, Ep. 313
Ultimate Ham Dinner
Join us as we make the best Cider-Baked Ham, then prepare two tasty side dishes: quick and easy Cornmeal Biscuits and classic Delmonico Potatoes. And in the equipment corner, Adam Ried reviews electric knives.

Cornmeal Biscuits, Delmonico Potatoes, Cider-Baked Ham
Equipment Reviews:
Electric Knives

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Cook s Country Season Three

Cook s Country Season Three


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