The Deja vu Enigma: A Journey Through the Anomalies of Mind, Memory and Time
by: Marie D. Jones, Larry Flaxman
1 edition (June 20, 2010) | ISBN: 1601631049 | 256 pages | PDF | 15 MB
You feel like youÂ’ve done something before...even as you do it for the very first time. You engage in a conversation and suddenly realize youÂ’ve spoken those same words the very same person. Yet youÂ’re positive itÂ’s the first time youÂ’ve ever met.
Déjà vu is the eerie sensation of “remembering” an experience or situation that never occurred. Scientific research into déjà vu has revealed intriguing theories, ranging from short-term memory misfires to neurophysiological disorders. Yet other theories suggest more paranormal causes for déjà vu, such as glimpses into parallel realities. Perhaps the true explanation lies somewhere in between.

But déjà vu is only one of the many mysteries of the mind. The Déjà vu Enigma also explores:
# Memory lapses, missing time, and fugue states.
# The brain as both receiver and transmitter of reality.
# Altered states of perception and consciousness, from hallucinations to religious visions.
# Contagious thought, curses, demonic possession, and mass hysteria.
# Dream states, lucid dreaming, and precognitive dreams.
# The Grid and parallel universes as travel routes for mind trips, brain flips, and time slips.

Come journey through a world as vast and uncharted as the Cosmos. A journey through the Inner Universe—the human mind.

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