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[share_ebook] Getting started with Open Source development

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share_ebook Getting started with Open Source development

Author(s): Rachna Kapur, Mario Briggs, Tapas Saha, Pedro Carvalho, Ulisses Araújo Costa
Publisher: IBM Corporation
Date : 2010
Pages : 137
Format : PDF
Language : English
Size : 3.42 MB



Keeping your skills current in today's world is becoming increasingly challenging. There are too many new technologies being developed, and little time to learn them all. The DB2 on Campus Book Series has been developed to minimize the time and effort required to learn many of these new technologies.


Who should read this eBook?


This eBook is a good starting point for beginners to the open source written to equip students, and open source enthusiasts with the no of open source. You should read this eBook if you want to:


  • Educate yourself on the objectives of open source
  • Understand open source software licensing requirements
  • Get an introduction to the norms followed in the open sour
  • Join the open source movement and begin contributing


How is this eBook structured?


The first chapters of this eBook discuss the history of open source software development and its licensing requirements. It then talks about how organizations use open source as their business model. Chapter 4 introduces the reader to the tools used in the development of an open source project. Chapters 5 and 6 take the reader into more details about how to contribute to an existing open source project. Chapter 7 provides a case study where you practice contributing to an open source project. Chapter 8 goes a bit deeper describing the Technology Explorer for IBM DB2, an open source project hosted at sourceForge . net; it also summarizes and revisits some of the concepts discussed in the previous chapters.


Exercises are provided with most chapters. There are also review questions in each chapter to help you learn the material. Answers to review questions are included in Appendix A.


About the Author


Rachna Kapur is the development manager for open source technologies at the IBM India Software Labs. She works with a team driving value propositions for IBM Data Servers in the open source world. She brings 8 years of experience developing drivers in the health care and database domain.


Mario Briggs is the architect for the open source offerings for the IBM Data Servers, which includes Ruby/Rails, Python/Django/SqlAlchemy, Hibernate, Spring, iBatis & PHP. Mario has almost 11 years of experience in software development with many years in the area of data access, relational engines and application-database performance.


Tapas Saha is a graduate in electronics and communication engineering from Techno India, Kolkata, India. He joined IBM in 2007, as an open source software developer. Presently, he is working as a functional verification tester for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.


Pedro Carvalho is a Software Engineering student at the University of Minho in Portugal. Aside from school, he has developed an interest in systems administration and team leading. He has been strongly engaged in local student organizations, mainly in the creation of an open source software group. He is currently working in a research scholarship in the area of language engineering and several Web development projects.


Ulisses Araújo Costa is a software engineer finishing his MSc in Formal Methods and Intelligent Systems. He loves functional programming and open source methodologies. He is a pro-active individual who loves to be connected to academic initiatives, like the open source support center at the University of Minho and the DB2 student ambassador group at the same university.


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