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Knowledge Engineering Home-Study-Course by Jonathan Altfeld

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Knowledge Engineering Home-Study-Course by Jonathan Altfeld

Knowledge Engineering Home Study Course by Jonathan Altfeld
Knowledge Engineering Home-Study-Course by Jonathan Altfeld

Publisher: Mastery Insight Institute 2009 | ISBN: n/a | Language English | Audio CD in MP3/128Kbps | 212 MB

This is Jonathan Altfeld's now-renowned method of analytical modeling of beliefs & belief systems, which provides NLP students a consistent method for modeling other people's cognitive strategies, values, and beliefs. KE provides an excellent platform for modeling the structure of a problem before designing targeted solutions. Come learn what increasing #'s of trainers around the world are including in their own Master Practitioner trainings for their analytical modeling component!

For more extensive, detailed information on this [ 9-CD transcript manual ] audio program, visit Full Detailed Product Page for the Knowledge Engineering Home-Study Course. When you click on the above link, another page will open, but this page in the shopping cart will also remain open. Feel free to order through this page once you've read our detailed product page and you're convinced this product will be of immense value to you!

* Do you want to improve the way you...

* Model the Expertise of others?

* Reproduce whole Areas of Behavior?

* Work with people's -extensive- Belief Systems?

Ask yourself these questions first:

* Have you not yet been able to develop sufficient Skills & Knowledge in these areas?
* Have you enough skills but not the depth of intuition you think you need?

Our KE Home-Study-Course will help enable you to...

Model other people's Belief & Decision Systems with More Depth, Breadth & Accuracy than you would believe today, and help you to Intuitively Identify ways to Optimize those Systems.

Dear Advanced NLP Student & Modeling Enthusiast,

Jonathan Altfeld here.

Before I founded the Mastery InSight Institute, and before I immersed myself in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I was a professional in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I did expertise-modeling professionally, almost exclusively for Fortune 500 companies. I was paid to interview business experts, find out what they knew, how they knew it, how they made the decisions they made, and then build software systems to reproduce those experts' decision making processes.

I can just hear some of you thinking... "What? You mean the field of NLP doesn't hold the only claim to modeling expertise? Blasphemy!"

The field of Knowledge Engineering closely parallels some of the skills taught through NLP. There are obvious differences, but certainly at the core of what constitutes the NLP technology & skillset is a set of tools to model human knowledge & subjectivity. That very description would sound highly familiar to those who do professional Knowledge Engineering. In many ways they are two parallel fields. Knowledge Engineering is about building software systems to behave & 'think' like human experts. In such a project, core software development team members would be tasked with acquiring knowledge from the experts, and then encoding that knowledge in a fashion that allows computers to reproduce the expert's behavior consistently and fast! We can list more "similariti es" between these two approaches to modeling than we can "difference s." But rest assured, both exist.

The Knowledge Engineer (KE) spends time interviewing & studying the experts, and learning directly from them. There are a variety of different methods which can be used to accomplish this, all grouped loosely under the term "Knowledge Acquisition." Once a sufficient initial knowledge-base of modeled knowledge has been amassed, the KE then determines ways of storing/structuring/representing the expert's knowledge, and then proceeds to build a software application known as an expert system.

NLP practitioners & master practitioners may recognize the above process as being highly similar to what is known as Modeling in NLP. This goes beyond strategy elicitation and is used to logically reproduce behavior in a given domain of expertise. Occasionally we hear people thinking of 'reproducing a tennis swing' or 'matching/mirroring' someone else's behavior as 'modeling.' It isn't, don't let them oversimplify things. If they're suggesting such things, they categorically don't know what modeling is.

Do not allow others who suggest that if you (for example) learn to identify when someone's in a particular Sensory Mode (like "Visual"), that you're modeling. Such would be an injustice to you and to the process of modeling; that example is just a bit of "strategy elicitation" on a very small scale.

One (fallible but useful) rule of thumb might be that if it takes you at least several full-time AND efficient weeks or months, to acquire an area of expertise, then maybe you're modeling. If it takes months for you to acquire the knowledge, integrate it into your unconscious mind, organize & optimize it, and then use it to reproduce expert behavior, then maybe you're modeling. If you thought learning how to create rapport with "colored mental bubbles" was modeling, think again. It ain't. At best that's strategy elicitation. I once watched a trainer step into an "expert circle," in which he said he imagined all the skills he wanted (but hadn't actually elicited) into that circle, and he could feel what it was like to be the expert. As though if he said he was modeling a surgeon I would let him within a 3 mile distance of my friends or family needing medical assistance.

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