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Mind and Body Metamorphosis

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Mind and Body Metamorphosis

Author: Matthew Mills | Publisher: Summersdale Publishers | Date: 2007-01-08 | Format: pdf | Language: English | ISBN10: 1840245492

Description: Matthew Mills obtained an honours degree in Physiology from the University of Leeds in 1989. He achieved his Masters degree in Human and Applied Physiology from King’s College in 1990. Matthew was awarded his PhD from the Department of Medicine, University College London, in 1994. He went on to lecture in Sports Physiology and Health Promotion at the University of Birmingham, Department of Sport and Exercise. In 1997 Matthew founded The Radical Health Strategy Group, drawing together diverse interests in workplace health promotion from the public and private sector. He led the group’s contribution to the Government Green Paper, Our Healthier Nation, in 1998. He remains active in the field, contributing to the Department of Works and Pensions and Health & Safety Executive Stress at Work initiative. Matthew is widely published on the subject of stress in the workplace and is a regular conference speaker. Matthew consults for the Leadership and Cultural
Change consultants, Capstone International and ZOOM, whose clients have included British American Formula One Racing, Reuters, Johnson & Johnson, Pro-drive Rally and VISA. He has designed stress
management and executive training packages for all of these clients. Matthew is also Director of MK Wealth Management, a City-based IFA and investment broker. Matthew has studied martial arts for nearly 20 years. He took up karate at the age of 18, expanding his interest to study Eastern culture and Buddhism. Matthew took up kung fu during travels to Hong Kong and China, and has studied Wing Chun under the likes of Yip Chun, whose father taught Bruce Lee. He has developed executive training packages based on these studies, aimed at enhancing fitness, health and mental focus, delivered through Performance First. Matthew is 38, father to one son – Ben – and lives in London.




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