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[PDF] Integral Calculus_Hari Kishan

ISBN: 8126905875

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PDF Integral Calculus_Hari Kishan

Author: Hari Kishan | Category: Mathematics | Language: English | Page: 314 | ISBN: 8126905875 |

Description: The present book Integral Calculus is a unique textbook on Integration, aiming at providing a fairly complete account of the basic concepts required to build a strong foundation for a student endeavouring to study this subject. The analytical approach to the major concepts makes the book highly self-contained and comprehensive guide that succeeds in making the concepts easily understandable. These concepts include Integration by Substitution Method, Parts, Trigonometrical Substitutions and Partial Functions Integration of Hyperbolic Functions, Rational Functions, Irrational Functions and Transcendental Functions Definite Integrals Reduction Formulae Beta and Gamma Functions Determination of Areas, Lengths, Volumes and Surfaces of Solids of Revolution and many more. All the elementary principles and fundamental concepts have been explained rigorously, leaving no scope for illusion or confusion. The focus throughout the text has been on presenting the subject matter in a well-knit manner and lucid style, so that even a student with average mathematical skill would find it accessible to himself. In addition, the book provides numerous well-graded solved examples, generally set in various university and competitive examinations, which will facilitate easy understanding besides acquainting the students with a variety of questions. It is hoped that the book would be highly useful for the students and teachers of Mathematics. Students aspiring to successfully accomplish engineering and also those preparing for various competitive examinations are likely to find this book of much help.About Author: Hari Kishan is Senior Reader in Mathematics at Kishori Raman Postgraduate College, Mathura, affiliated to Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Agra. He has 34 years of teaching experience of degree classes to his credit. He completed his M.Sc. from B.S.A. College, Mathura in 1971 and obtained a record percentage of marks for which he was awarded Gold Medal by Agra University. He received Ph.D. degree in Mathematics (Fluid Dynamics) in 1981 from the same university. His topic of research was ‘Flow of Homogeneous or Stratified Viscous Fluids.’ He has got published numerous research papers in several mathematical journals of repute. Besides, he is a well-known author of a large number of books on Mathematics, including Coordinate Geometry of Two Dimensions, A Textbook of Vector Algebra and Vector Calculus, Sure Success in Convergence, Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Equations, Coordinate Geometry of Three Dimensions, Matrices, Modern Algebra, Theory of Equations, Dynamics, Statics, Hydro Statics, Real Analysis and Numerical Analysis.

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