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[PDF] Justin Guitar - Solo Blues Guitar 1 - MP4 (2007)

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PDF Justin Guitar Solo Blues Guitar 1 MP4 2007

Author: Unknown | Publisher: Chocolate Cupcake | Category: Music | Language: English | Page: 1 | ISBN: 2b19157f5c21443a89b9fb7e5c1a114f |

Description: Walkin Blues - uses a classic walking bass part with the chord part playing the open strings. Aimed at beginners, it is quite easy and sounds cool. Can be played with pick for texas shuffle style on electric! Steady Thumb Blues - This is the start of your independence training! It's all about keeping your bass notes even (played with the thumb) while your other fingers play the melody on the thinner strings. Great fun and a great way to get into this style! Gospel Blues - will teach you some very nice chords, gospel style. Few slides and lead lines mixed in too, the hardest of these three and good preparation for the future dvd's... Slow Six Blues - explores the use of the sixth interval to create cool and useful rhythm licks. This trick works well on electric too! Contrary Blues - is a slightly jazz tinged composition that uses a lot of contrary motion (one “voice” going up and one going down!) Raggy Island Blues - uses a cool Ragtime style alternating bass part with the melody perched on top. This one will take a little practice :) Single Line Blues - takes you through some ways of incorporating single line lead guitar into your solo blues style. Learn the licks then mix 'em up and off you blow! Lots of fun and good for your improvising once you get the concept down. Walking Bass Blues - teaches you how to walk a bass in a Blues in E, introduces a few jazz chords and harmonies and a I VI II V I turnaround. Craggy Bar Blues - this can be a continuation of Craggy Island Blues, works at a similar tempo and leads nicely from one to the other. This more advanced one uses many bar chords and also incorporates hammer on's and flick-off's into a ragtime alternating bass pattern! Good fun but you'll be concentrating!! ) The format is the same for each song. It is played, then we go through it bar by bar and then we do 3 play along speeds to give you a chance a getting it right and in time! All songs written and owned by Justin Sandercoe. Video rights owned by Chocolate Cake Productions (Justin Sandercoe and Jedi Wardley). All rights reserved ©2007-2008.

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