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[PDF] Manual of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, Fifth Edition

ISBN: 0123751543

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PDF Manual of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Fifth Edition

Author: Philip Lanzkowsky | Publisher: Academic Press | Category: Medicine | Language: English | Page: 1058 | ISBN: 0123751543 | ISBN13: 9780123751546 |

Description: This will be the fifth edition of successful clinical manual aimed at all practitioners treating children with cancer and blood diseases, such as leukemia, anemia, and bone marrow failure. As with previous editions, this edition will be a comprehensive book on patient management, replete with algorithms and flow diagrams on diagnosis and management. Its concise and easy-to-read format will enable readers to make accurate diagnoses and permit them to treat patients even if they have not had extensive previous hematologic or oncologic experience. It will contain a list of normal values at various ages in children, which is extremely useful as a reference in the management of patients. Since the previous edition was written five years ago, there have been considerable advances particularly in the treatment and management of oncologic diseases in children. These oncology sections (approximately 40% of the book) will be entirely rewritten to incorporate all current protocols. In addition, advances in many other areas will require that all hematology sections of the book be updated. The successful basic format and content of clinical manifestations, diagnosis and differential diagnosis will be maintained - as in previous editions, the editor will closely edit chapter content to maintain consistency in format, depth, and style. In addition to the core group of hematologists and oncologists from Schneider Children's Hospital, who contributed to the 4th edition, the editor is inviting 15 new authors who are all experts from around the country - in order to keep up with the advances in management of hem/onc diseases. The book will reflect the 45+ years of practical experience by the editor as well as the extensive clinical experience and research expertise of the various contributors. Feature: - Offers a concise, systematic approach to all pediatric hematologic and oncologic disorders in one reference manual - Easy-to-read format: multiple tables, charts, and flow-diagrams for diagnosis and management of pediatric hematologic and oncologic disorders - Clear presentation by practicing clinicians, who are also academic researchers, of recent developments in molecular genetics, cytogenetics, immunology, transplantation, and biochemistry to the extent that they have bearing on clinical practice Benefits: - Practitioners responsible for the care of children with hem/onc diseases will save time going to one concise, authoritative source for diagnosis and treatment options, without having to wade through all the details in larger tomes on hematology or oncology, or in thousands of journal articles - Residents will use it as a guide to prepare for board examinations in pediatric hematology/oncology, pediatrics, hematology, and oncology - Practicing pediatricians, hematologists, oncologists, fellows, and pediatric nurses will use it a quick source for a second opinion in diagnosis and disease management when they are unable to consult with a pediatric hem/onc specialist - Practicing pediatric hem/onc specialists will use the book as a "refresher course" and will appreciate the systematic approach - For all practitioners, correct diagnosis (and therefore correct treatment) of oncologic and hematologic diseases depends on a strong understanding of the molecular basis for the disease

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