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[PDF] Mathematical Connections: A Capstone Course

ISBN: 0821849794

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PDF Mathematical Connections A Capstone Course

Author: John B. Conway | Category: Mathematics | Language: English | Page: 243 | ISBN: 0821849794 | ISBN13: 9780821849798 |

Description: This book illustrates connections between various courses taken by undergraduate mathematics majors. As such it can be used as a text for a capstone course. The chapters are essentially independent, and the instructor can choose the topics that will form the course and thus tailor the syllabus to suit the backgrounds and abilities of the students. At the end of such a course the graduating seniors should glimpse mathematics not as a series of independent courses but as something more like an integrated body of knowledge. The book has numerous exercises and examples so that the student has many opportunities to see the material illustrated and fleshed out.

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