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[PDF] Riding Out The Storm

ISBN: 8a77abf6d3

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PDF Riding Out The Storm

Author: Emma Jay | Publisher: The Wild Rose Press | Category: Romance Novels | Language: English | Page: 76 | ISBN: b8a77abf6d3b4c9991b794c089630ea2 |

Description: Jill Gavin is trying to overcome her bad girl reputation. After a year of celibacy, she’s ready to start a grown-up relationship with Ethan Dewitt, one of her co-workers at the Strait Advertising Agency. A weekend conference seems the perfect chance for a romantic weekend. Jill didn’t count on her boss sending her former lover Zach Purser with them, and she certainly didn’t count on the spring blizzard that strands them in a motel room along the way. She’s stuck in a room with her past and future lover. What’s a former bad girl to do? And if Jill acts on her desires, what will the men think of her?

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