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Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen

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Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen

Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen
Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen
Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen
Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen
Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen

English | Avi | DivX 640x480 29.97fps | Mp3 32.0 Kbps 32.0 Khz

You can now own the complete best selling James Jensen "Pro Tennis Lessons" 10 DVD SET instructional series featuring over 12 Hours of Professional Tennis Instruction. The "Pro Tennis Lessons" 10 DVD SET includes all the current titles in Pro Jensen's best selling Series! This highly regarded instructional series has been designed to immediately improve the skills and techniques of all level players.

Owning this instructional library gives you over 12 Hours of top notch professional tennis instruction you can view time and time again in the comfort of your own home. Praised for his easy to understand presentation of technique USPTA Pro James Jensen will become your personal coach helping to bring your game to a higher level quickly. Start winning more, club and tournament matches with this valuable DVD instructional series.


Pro Tennis Lessons - Ultimate Volleys and Net Game

Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen
Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen

The weakest part of many players game is their volleys or net game. This weakness comes from fear of coming to the net and taking the ball while it is still in the air. Unless you can correct this weakness and develop a strong volley game you will never be a complete player that has all the weapons to be a consistent winner in match competition.

With the help of this outstanding instructional DVD Tennis Pro James Jensen will give you the confidence and correct techniques for quickly developing an unbeatable net game.

Techniques covered include proper grip, footwork and racquet position, understanding volley form, how to volley low balls at your feet, medium height and high volleys, ways to angle your volley shots for winners, volleying mid court and at the net, ways to set up your volleys, how to come off your serve to a strong volley position, volley drills designed to build confidence and accuracy, how to hit overhead winners, plus much, much more.

Pro Tennis Lessons - Ultimate Serve

Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen

English | AVI | 640x480 | 29.97 fps | DivX5 385 kbps | MP3 64 kbps
In this valuable lesson USPTA Tennis Pro James Jensen teaches you all the techniques needed for developing a killer flat, slice and kick serve. When performed properly the serve can become your biggest point winning weapon in a match. Many players serves are weak and inconsistent because they lack correct body mechanics for striking the ball properly, putting the plalyer at a great disadvantage during competition.

In this sensational DVD Pro James Jensen will instantly improve your serves power, speed and accuracy by teaching all the techniques needed to execute a winning flat, slice or kick serve consistently throughout play regardless of your level. The flat serve is heavy and flat, the slice has tremedous side spin to run away from your opponent or into their body, the kick serve hits and twists causing a difficult return.

The techniques taught to master these killer serves include proper serve grips, correct height and placement of ball toss, the 4 stages of the serves: 1. preparation 2. loading 3. exploding or uncoiling 4. follow through, how to use your legs and upper body to get optimum power and accuracy, the three target zones, how to develop consistent accuracy, reading your opponent and what target to aim for during a match, ways to follow your serve in to set up volleys, how to perform your second serve as a winner, serve strategy during singles and doubles play, training drills for developing the ultimate serve and much, much more!

Pro Tennis Lessons - Ultimate Lobs and Drop Shots

Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen

English | AVI | 640x480 | 29.97 fps | DivX5 422 kbps | MP3 80 kbps
Mixing your game up with a variety of shot making skills is sure to put you in the winners circle during match play competition. There are no two better shots for frustrating and throwing your opponent off pace than the lob and drop shot. In this must have lesson Pro James Jensen gives an excellent clinic on how to properly execute the lob and drop shot for court winners. In great detail he shows proper lob and drop shot winners. Never underestimate the effect of the lob and drop shot during play.

Pro Tennis Lessons - Ultimate Backhand

Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen
English | AVI | 640x480 | 29.97 fps | DivX5 408 kbps | MP3 80 kbps
The backhand is usually the weakest shot in most peoples game but no longer has to be with the help of Tennis Pro James Jensen's "Ultimate Backhand" training DVD. In this dynamic lesson Coach Jensen will help build your one handed and two handed backhand into a winning stroke your opponents will fear and try to avoid.
You will immediately improve your backhand as Pro James Jensen carefully teaches the proper backhand grip for creating top spin with accuracy, correct footwork for setting up the ultimate one handed, two handed and slice backhand shot, proper backhand ready position, important early racquet preparation, correct racquet path to the ball, at what point to strike the ball, the bakchand follow through, use of your legs and upper body for developing ultimate backhand power, how to develop unbeatable cross court and down the line backhand winners, proper vertical racquet position when striking the ball for ultimate backhand consistency, how to know whether the one handed or two handed backahnd is right for you, common errors and how to avoid them, wall and ball machine backhand trianing drills and much more!
With this valuable DVD in your tennins library you can now develop a confident backhand stroke that is sure to bring you more consistent wins in club and tournament play.

Pro Tennis Lessons - Ultimate Forehand

Pro Tennis Lesson by James Jensen
English | AVI | 640x480 | 29.97 fps | XviD 546 kbps | MP3 32 kbps
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player this outstanding DVD will instantly improve your forehand shot making skills.
In great detail and easy to understand presentation Tennis Pro James Jensen teaches each important aspect of the forehand including proper grip, footwork, forehand ready position, early racquet preparation, proper wrist, shoulder and arm position, the correct follow through, how to generate top spin, correct path of the racquet, keeping the racquet vertical at impact, how to use your legs properly, the correct way to rotate and turn your entire body into the forehand for ultimate hitting power, how to hit cross court, down the line and inside out forehand winners, use of the closed and open stance, the correct point at which to strike the ball as it comes off the bounce, how to improve your forehand accuracy, ways to improve your balance, rhythm and timing, hitting in your body's power zone, stroke production drills, how to use the wall and ball machine for forehand training, proper choice of racquets, how to raise your consistency level and avoid hitting balls out or into the net, ways to break bad habits, match preparation and much, much more!

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