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Programming Python 3rd ed.

ISBN: 0596009259

标签: Perl/PHP/Python

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Completely revised and improved, the second edition of Programming Python is an excellent compendium of material geared toward the more knowledgeable Python developer. It includes dozens of reusable scripts for common scripting tasks, and is one of the best available sources of information for this popular object-oriented scripting language.

In over 1,200 pages of material, this book offers an extremely comprehensive guide to Python development. Though his book is densely packed with information, Mark Lutz is a lively and witty writer whose focus is on getting things done using the natural strengths of the Python language. To that end, after an introduction and history of the language, the book shows how to use Python for performing automated tasks with files and directories (for example, for doing backups both locally and on Web servers). Not only will this book teach you more about Python, but it will also give you a library of code that you can use as is or adapt for your own projects.

The text covers every conceivable facet of Python and the language's support for networking, files and directories, task management, and even persistence (through its support for shelves). Complete Python programs show how to create e-mail clients, do reporting, and create Web applications (for an online errata database). Chapters on doing graphics programming in Python, as well as coverage of both built-in and custom data structures, are especially good. Because Python is often used for automating installations (in some Linux distributions, for instance), readers will appreciate the sample code and tips for using Python to create bulletproof installs.

Later sections show how get Python to work with C, Java (through JPython), and other languages. The book concludes with useful reference sections summarizing key aspects of Python, like its revision history, relationship to C , and other material. There aren't many titles on Python, and fans of this up-and-coming language are lucky to have such a solid tutorial and guide available in Programming Python. Perfect for those with just a little previous exposure to the language, it's all you need to master Python in-depth and tap its considerable power for virtually any software project. --Richard Dragan

Topics covered:

    * Introduction to Python

    * Basic system scripts with Python (including file and directory tools)

    * Working with processes and threads

    * Pipes and signals

    * Sample scripts for system and Web utilities (including backing up files, program launching, replicating and managing directories)

    * Graphical user interface design in Python (including the Tkinter module)

    * Widgets and basic components

    * Layout options

    * Event handling

    * GUI examples (including a working text editor, image viewer, and clock)

    * Network scripting (sockets, FTP, and e-mail clients)

    * Server-side scripting

    * Sample server scripts for an online errata database

    * Python on the Internet (including Zope, JPython, and XML tools)

    * Databases and persistence in Python (including pickled objects and shelf files)

    * Custom and built-in data structures in Python

    * Text and string handling

    * C integration with Python (including the SWIG module)

    * Embedding Python calls within C

    * Hints for using Python in real projects

    * Reference to recent changes to Python

    * Python vs. C quick-start guide

Book Info:
Published in 2006
Published by O'Reilly
Author Mark Lutz
ISBN 0596009259  Size 9.66MB

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