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Sam Visnic - Back To Stability Program - End Your Back Pain Now

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Sam Visnic Back To Stability Program End Your Back Pain Now
Sam Visnic - Back To Stability Program - End Your Back Pain Now | 3.67 GB

Using A Scientifically Designed Movement Program You Can Literally Get Your Life Back From Chronic Back Pain!
In as little as 15 minutes per day, you can get relief, save thousands of dollars, and free yourself from the fear of having pain for the rest of your life.

The biggest problem with back pain is often not even the pain itself, but how it severely limits your ability to do the things you love to do. The constant FEAR and ANXIETY and internal deliberation over whether or not the next time you ride your bike, go on a run, or even play with your kids is going to result in you laying on your back on the floor or bed for a few days popping ibuprofen and using an ice pack.

That feeling you get when you have to explain to someone, whether it's your spouse, family member or a friend that you CAN'T participate in something because you have back issues, and they look at you like you're either nuts, or a sissy, and start thinking your problems are "all in your head", because they can't understand what you have experienced, and you simply aren't interested in going through another cycle of endless doctor visits only to have them tell you that you are "completely fine" and nothing ever shows up on their tests.

Or the embarrassment of having to carefully lift things off the floor or getting out of a chair looking like a mummy because you have learned to be super cautious of your back, and you're getting used to smelling like icy hot or tiger balm.

You're getting tired of your weekly chiropractic, acupuncture or massage visits, because they are costing you an arm and a leg, and leave you with only a few days of relief at a time. You think about all the things you could be buying with your money instead.

Exercise, stretching, and some movement gives you relief, and you know there is something to it, but you haven't been able to find a system that works consistently, and the exercise program you did with the physical therapist a long time ago is too easy and you need something more comprehensive.

You long for the days you could play golf, a game of volleyball, ride your bike for a few miles, or just play with your kids or sit at work without that aching pain sneaking up on you.

Here Is What You Get
You'll have the entire system in your hands immediately, ready to dramatically improve your core stability and get back pain relief. You get in and immediately tap into my growing database of proven cutting-edge scientific information on back pain relief and corrective exercise you've ever seen. (But listen, this stuff is laid out easy. No confusion. No taking hours to figure out.)

Your complete access includes:
Step 1: Overview Video
Watch these videos first. They will cover the essentials of your corrective movement plan.including how to use the system, why it works, and to do first to get started right away.

Step 2: Movement Assessment Videos
Muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns in your body contribute to joint and soft tissue dysfunction, and can be at the root cause of your back pain. Learning which patterns and imbalances you have is a critical step in the process of correction. In this section, you get the exact tests I would use if I saw you in my office.

Step 3: Corrective Stretching, Exercise, and Self-Mobilization Videos
This is the core of the program. Once you understand the movement and muscle imbalances we are working to address, it's time to get to the easy and gentle movements which form the basis of building and restoring stability. Each movement is spelled out in simple to follow video clips with precise instructions so you can get maximum value out of each.

Step 4: Lifestyle and Nutrition Videos
This is a collection of videos to address many very common issues that lead to setbacks in the corrective process. Learn what you MUST know about inflammation and food, bending and lifting properly, sleeping in ideal positions, and desk ergonomics to support the hard work you put into your corrective movement program.


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