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  1. by Sherry Stone Clifton / 2010-10-22Pastels For Dummies
  2. 2010-10-22ArtTalk, Student Edition (RePost)
  3. 2010-10-22Alexandra B. Bonds - Beijing Opera Costumes: The Visual Communication of Character and Culture
  4. 2010-10-22The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings (RePost)
  5. 2010-10-22Style & Splendor: The Wardrobe of Queen Maud of Norway 1896-1938
  6. 2010-10-23Communicating Design: Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning,2nd Edition
  7. 2010-10-23The Studio Reader: On the Space of Artists
  8. 2010-10-24Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design (RePost)
  9. 2010-10-24Professional Practice for Interior Designers, 3rd Edition (RePost)
  10. 2010-10-24Dos Logos
  11. 2010-10-24Oscar Mandel - Fundamentals of the Art of Poetry
  12. 2010-10-24Sewing in No Time: 50 Step-by-step Weekend Projects Made Easy
  13. 2010-10-25The Art of The Lion King (Disney Miniature Series)
  14. 2010-10-25Couture knit 2 {Repost}
  15. 2010-10-25Transparent Plastics: Design and Technology (RePost)
  16. 2010-10-25Platinum and Palladium Printing, Second Edition - Removed
  17. 2010-10-25Jean-Marie Floch - Visual Identities
  18. 2010-10-25Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 6th Edition
  19. 2010-10-25Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 4th Edition
  20. 2010-10-26Homework - by M. Weistling - DVD4
  21. 2010-10-26The Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students Edition 1 (4-Vol. Set) RePost
  22. 2010-10-26Ornamental Borders, Scrolls ang Cartouches in Historic Decorative Styles (RePost)
  23. 2010-10-27The Styles of Ornament (RePost)
  24. 2010-10-27Japan Style: Architecture, Interiors & Design (RePost)
  25. 2010-10-27Aviones en Africa Vol.II (EuroModelismo Monografico N°10)
  26. 2010-10-27Aviones en Africa Vol.I (EuroModelismo Monografico N°9)
  27. 2010-10-27Getting Started with Digital Imaging, Second Edition: Tips, tools and techniques for photographers (Repost) - Removed
  28. 2010-10-27Inglourious Basterds: Das Drehbuch
  29. 2010-10-27Jack Hamm "Drawing the Head and Figure" (repost) - Removed
  30. 2010-10-27Beyond Photoshop: Advanced techniques integrating Photoshop with Illustrator, Poser, Painter, Cinema 4D and ZBrush
  31. 2010-10-27Black and White in Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom
  32. 2010-10-27The After Effects Illusionist: All the Effects in One Complete Guide - Removed
  33. by David Trottier / 2010-10-27[request]he Screenwriter's Bible: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script
  34. 2010-10-28An Idiot's Guide to Photoshop
  35. by Marcie Begleiter / 2010-10-28[request]From Word to Image: Storyboarding and the Filmmaking Process
  36. by Steve Katz / 2010-10-28[request]Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen - Removed
  37. 2010-10-28Polymer Clay Mixed Media Jewelry: Fresh Techniques, Projects and Inspiration - Removed
  38. 2010-10-28Airplanes and Ships You Can Draw (Ready, Set, Draw!)
  39. 2010-10-28Force: The Key to Capturing Life Through Drawing (Repost)
  40. 2010-10-29Photoshop CS All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies {Repost} - Removed
  41. 2010-10-29Digital Painting In Photoshop
  42. 2010-10-29Graphics Gems II (repost)
  43. 2010-10-29Graphics Gems III (repost)
  44. 2010-10-29Graphics Gems (repost)
  45. 2010-10-29The Art of the Matrix
  46. 2010-10-29Monique Tschofen, Jennifer Burwell - Image and Territory: Essays on Atom Egoyan - Removed
  47. 2010-10-296 Book for Concept Design
  48. 2010-10-30Close-Up and Macro Photography - Removed
  49. 2010-10-30Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Classroom in a Book {Repost}
  50. 2010-10-30Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery Borders
  51. 2010-10-30Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Revealed {repost}
  52. 2010-10-31The Science of Formula 1 Design (RePost)
  53. 2010-10-31Leonard J. Leff, Jerold L. Simmons - The Dame in the Kimono: Hollywood, Censorship, and the Production Code
  54. 2010-10-31Sustainable Infrastructure: The Guide to Green Engineering and Design
  55. 2010-10-31Sustainable Infrastructure: The Guide to Green Engineering and Design
  56. 2010-10-31Introducing Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011
  57. 2010-10-31Adobe Photoshop Elements 8: Maximum Performance: Unleash the hidden performance of Elements (Repost)
  58. 2010-10-31Photoshop Elements 4.0 In Pictures {Repost}
  59. 2010-10-31Искусство вышивания крестом. Практическое пособие
  60. 2010-11-01Growing Home: Stories of Ethnic Gardening (RePost)
  61. 2010-11-01Enoch Brater - Beyond Minimalism: Beckett's Late Style in the Theater
  62. 2010-11-01Richard C. Keenan - The Films of Robert Wise
  63. 2010-11-02Gardner's Art through the Ages: A Global History - Removed
  64. 2010-11-02Architecture Sustainable Building Design (RePost)
  65. 2010-11-02Watercolour Still Life (Art School)
  66. 2010-11-02Aperture 199: Summer 2010
  67. 2010-11-02Making Sense of Children's Drawings (RePost)
  68. 2010-11-02Lighting by Design (repost) - Removed
  69. 2010-11-02Перспектива как "символическая форма"
  70. 2010-11-02American Furniture of the 18th Century
  71. 2010-11-03Encyclopedia of Movie Special Effects (RePost)
  72. 2010-11-03Designing With Web Standards (RePost)
  73. 2010-11-03Jean Myers "Lookin´Good!"
  74. 2010-11-03The Fundamentals of Creative Design - Removed
  75. 2010-11-03The Morrow Guide to Knots
  76. 2010-11-04Reinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design (5th Edition)
  77. 2010-11-04Airport Design and Operation (RePost)
  78. 2010-11-04Восточные коллекции
  79. 2010-11-04A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings, Vol. IV: Self-Portraits (repost)
  80. 2010-11-04Jim Craddock - Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever 2010
  81. 2010-11-05Porträtzeichnen. Anatomisch richtig (RePost)
  82. 2010-11-15Producing for TV and Video: A Real-World Approach (repost) - Removed
  83. 2010-11-15Engravings of lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, dogs, &c., chiefly after the designs of Sir Edwin Landseer
  84. 2010-11-15Introduction to AutoCAD 2009: 2D and 3D Design (Repost)
  85. 2010-11-15Geometric and Engineering Drawing, Second Edition (repost) - Removed
  86. 2010-11-15Introduction to AutoCAD 2008 2D and 3D Design (Repost) - Removed
  87. 2010-11-15Садовые лестницы, дорожки, площадки, мостики
  88. 2010-11-15Уроки садового дизайна. Садовые композиции
  89. 2010-11-1650 Trade Secrets of Great Design: Packaging
  90. 2010-11-16What is Packaging Design? (Essential Design Handbooks)
  91. 2010-11-16Photoshop CS QuickSteps (repost)
  92. 2010-11-16Цифровая фотография и работа с изображением(Repost)
  93. 2010-11-16Карл Иванович Росси 1775-1849. Каталог архитектурных чертежей и проектов предметов прикладного искусства
  94. 2010-11-16Drawing Portraits: Faces and Figures (The Art of Drawing)
  95. 2010-11-16How Designers Think, 4th Edition: The Design Process Demystified - Removed
  96. 2010-11-17Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 3rd Editio
  97. 2010-11-17Game Design Foundations (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
  98. 2010-11-17Modelling the Messerschmitt Me 262 (Osprey Modelling 12) (repost)
  99. 2010-11-17The Non-Designer’s Design Book, Second Edition(Repost)
  100. 2010-11-17Descriptive Metadata for Television: An End-to-End Introduction (repost) - Removed
  101. 2010-11-17The Psychology of Graphic Images: Seeing, Drawing, Communica


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