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  1. 2019-02-18The Kill Jar Obsession, Descent, and a Hunt for Detroit's Most Notorious Serial Killer [Audiobook]
  2. 2019-02-18The History of Atlantis [Audiobook]
  3. 2019-02-18Our Kids The American Dream in Crisis [Audiobook]
  4. 2019-02-18Making Evil The Science Behind Humanity's Dark Side [Audiobook]
  5. 2019-02-01Slaves in the Family [Audiobook]
  6. 2019-02-01The Weather Makers How Man is Changing the Climate and What it Means for Life on Earth [Audiobook]
  7. 2019-02-01Science for Sale [Audiobook]
  8. 2019-02-01Millionaire Success Habits The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity [Audiobook]
  9. 2019-02-01Bees in America How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation [Audiobook]
  10. 2019-02-01Origins How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives [Audiobook]
  11. 2019-02-01My Life Among the Underdogs A Memoir [Audiobook]
  12. 2019-02-01Happy Ever After Escaping the Myth of the Perfect Life [Audiobook]
  13. 2019-02-01Junior Bonner The Making of a Classic with Steve McQueen and Sam Peckinpah in the Summer of 1971 [Au
  14. 2019-02-01Dr. Colbert's Hormone Health Zone Lose Weight, Restore Energy, Feel 25 Again! [Audiobook]
  15. 2019-01-31The Comeback How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream [Audiobook]
  16. 2019-01-31Blue Mind [Audiobook]
  17. 2019-01-31The Time Has Come Why Men Must Join the Gender Equality Revolution [Audiobook]
  18. 2019-01-31Pandemics What Everyone Needs to Know [Audiobook]
  19. 2019-01-31Bottled & Sold The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water [Audiobook]
  20. 2019-01-31The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs [Audiobook]
  21. 2019-01-31A Billion Wicked Thoughts What the World's Largest Experiment Reveals About Human Desire [Audiobook]
  22. 2019-01-31Love Is the Best Medicine What Two Dogs Taught One Veterinarian about Hope, Humility, and Everyda
  23. 2019-01-31The Franchisee Handbook Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Franchise [Audiobook]
  24. 2019-01-31Astral Voyages Mastering the Art of Soul Travel [Audiobook]
  25. 2019-01-31The Big Disconnect Why the Internet Hasn't Transformed Politics (Yet) [Audiobook]
  26. 2019-01-31How to Have a Beautiful Mind [Audiobook]
  27. 2019-01-31Search How the Data Explosion Makes Us Smarter [Audiobook]
  28. 2019-01-31Sensation The New Science of Physical Intelligence [Audiobook]
  29. 2019-01-31The Soil Will Save Us How Scientists, Farmers, and Ranchers Are Tending the Soil to Reverse Global W
  30. 2019-01-31The Coming of Democracy Presidential Campaigning in the Age of Jackson [Audiobook]
  31. 2019-01-31Light-Horse Harry Lee The Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary Hero [Audiobook]
  32. 2019-01-31The Buying Brain Secrets for Selling to the Subconscious Mind [Audiobook]
  33. 2019-01-31The Snow Leopard Project And Other Adventures in Warzone Conservation [Audiobook]
  34. 2019-01-31Psychonomics How Modern Science Aims to Conquer the Mind and How the Mind Prevails [Audiobook]
  35. 2019-01-31Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution [Audiobook]
  36. 2019-01-31Exploitative Play in Live Poker How to Manipulate Your Opponents into Making Mistakes [Audiobook]
  37. 2019-01-31Mathletics A Scientist Explains 100 Amazing Things About the World of Sports [Audiobook]
  38. 2019-01-31The Fabric of Reality The Science of Parallel Universes - and Its Implications [Audiobook]
  39. 2019-01-31The Secret Language of Dolphins [Audiobook]
  40. 2019-01-31The Question of God C. S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God, Love, Sex, and the Meaning of Life
  41. 2019-01-31Project Blue Book The Top Secret UFO Files That Revealed the Government Cover-Up [Audiobook]
  42. 2019-01-31The Nature of Technology What It Is and How It Evolves [Audiobook]
  43. 2019-01-31Let Them Eat Shrimp The Tragic Disappearance of the Rainforests of the Sea [Audiobook]
  44. 2019-01-31What Is Life With Mind and Matter and Autobiographical Sketches [Audiobook]
  45. 2019-01-31Coming to Our Senses Perceiving Complexity to Avoid Catastrophes [Audiobook]
  46. 2019-01-31Embracing the Wide Sky A Tour Across the Horizons of the Mind [Audiobook]
  47. 2019-01-31Callous Disregard Autism and Vaccines - The Truth Behind a Tragedy [Audiobook]
  48. 2019-01-31Silence A Social History of One of the Least Understood Elements of Our Lives [Audiobook]
  49. 2019-01-31The Enchanted Hour The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction [Audiobook]
  50. 2019-01-31A Thousand Sisters The Heroic Airwomen of the Soviet Union in World War II [Audiobook]
  51. 2019-01-31Germaine The Life of Germaine Greer [Audiobook]
  52. 2019-01-31Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master A Yogi's Autobiography [Audiobook]
  53. 2019-01-31Waking the Giant How a Changing Climate Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes [Audiobook]
  54. 2019-01-31The Science of Supervillains [Audiobook]
  55. 2019-01-31Philosophy The Audio Masterclass The Comprehensive Guide to Philosophy and Ethics [Audiobook]
  56. 2019-01-31Think Smart A Neuroscientist's Prescription for Improving Your Brain's Performance [Audiobook]
  57. 2019-01-31Earth in Mind On Education, Environment, and the Human Prospect [Audiobook]
  58. 2019-01-31Edison's Concrete Piano [Audiobook]
  59. 2019-01-31Future Shock [Audiobook]
  60. 2019-01-31The Brain and the Meaning of Life [Audiobook]
  61. 2019-01-31Reign of Error The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America's Public Schools
  62. 2019-01-31At the Birth of Bowie [Audiobook]
  63. 2019-01-31Socialized! How the Most Successful Businesses Harness the Power of Social [Audiobook]
  64. 2019-01-31Too Big To Know [Audiobook]
  65. 2019-01-31Mercury Poisoning It's Not in Our Heads Anymore True Stories, Symptoms, and Treatments [Audiobook]
  66. 2019-01-31The Mobile Mind Shift Engineer Your Business to Win in the Mobile Moment [Audiobook]
  67. 2019-01-31The Minimalist Mindset Meditation Program Learn to Let Go of Stuff with Day and Night Hypnosis an
  68. 2019-01-31The End of Stress as We Know It [Audiobook]
  69. 2019-01-31Excitotoxins The Taste That Kills [Audiobook]
  70. 2019-01-31Feeding Your Demons Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict [Audiobook]
  71. 2019-01-31Empath to Mystic The Art of Mastering Your Intuition and Fearlessly Being Yourself [Audiobook]
  72. 2019-01-31New Dark Age Technology and the End of the Future [Audiobook]
  73. 2019-01-31From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg Disruptive Innovation in the Age of the Internet [Audiobook]
  74. 2019-01-31Blood in the Water How the US and Israel Conspired to Ambush the USS Liberty [Audiobook]
  75. 2019-01-31Meatonomics How the Rigged Economics of Meat and Dairy Make You Consume Too Much [Audiobook]
  76. 2019-01-31Head over Heels A Yogi's Guide to Dating A Cheeky, Mind-Blowing Roadmap to Relationships [Audiobook]
  77. 2019-01-31Suspicious Minds How Culture Shapes Madness [Audiobook]
  78. 2019-01-31Life Unscripted Using Improv Principles to Get Unstuck, Boost Confidence, and Transform Your Life
  79. 2019-01-31Our Crime Was Being Jewish Hundreds of Holocaust Survivors Tell Their Stories [Audiobook]
  80. 2019-01-31Clairvoyance for Beginners Easy Techniques to Enhance Your Psychic Visions [Audiobook]
  81. 2019-01-31NLP The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming [Audiobook]
  82. 2019-01-31Climatopolis How Our Cities Will Thrive in the Hotter Future [Audiobook]
  83. 2019-01-31Gandhi Portrait of a Friend [Audiobook]
  84. 2019-01-31The Procrastination Equation How to Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Stuff Done [Audiobook]
  85. 2019-01-31Blockbuster Drugs The Rise and Decline of the Pharmaceutical Industry [Audiobook]
  86. 2019-01-31Useless Arithmetic Why Environmental Scientists Can't Predict the Future [Audiobook]
  87. 2019-01-31War Play Video Games and the Future of Armed Conflict [Audiobook]
  88. 2019-01-31Walkable City Rules 101 Steps to Making Better Places [Audiobook]
  89. 2019-01-31Wine. All the Time. The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking [Audiobook]
  90. 2019-01-31Mad Like Tesla Underdog Inventors and Their Relentless Pursuit of Clean Energy [Audiobook]
  91. 2019-01-31The Neuro Revolution How Brain Science Is Changing Our World [Audiobook]
  92. 2019-01-31Unlearn Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results [Audiobook]
  93. 2019-01-31Some of My Friends Are. The Daunting Challenges and Untapped Benefits of Cross-Racial Friendships
  94. 2019-01-31Overconnected The Promise and Threat of the Internet [Audiobook]
  95. 2019-01-31They SayI Say The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing, 3rd Edition [Audiobook]
  96. 2019-01-31p53 The Gene That Cracked the Cancer Code [Audiobook]
  97. 2019-01-31The 7 Day Startup You Don't Learn Until You Launch [Audiobook]
  98. 2019-01-31Joy Enough A Memoir [Audiobook]
  99. 2019-01-31Elevation [Audiobook] (2018)
  100. 2019-01-31Dot Complicated Untangling Our Wired Lives [Audiobook]


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