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  1. by Henk N.W. Lekkerkerker, Remco Tuinier / 2012-01-01Colloids and the Depletion Interaction (Lecture Notes in Physics)
  2. by Kenneth S. Krane / 2012-01-01Introductory Nuclear Physics
  3. by D.L. L. Mills B.S. Ph.D., J.A.C. Bl, MA Ph.D. / 2012-01-01Nanomagnetism, Volume 1: Ultrathin Films, Multilayers and Nanostructures (Contemporary Concepts of Condensed Matter Science)
  4. by Edited by Anke Aretz, Benita Hermanns-Sachweh, Joachim Mayer / 2012-01-01EMC 2008: Vol 3: Life Science
  5. by Richard A. Muller / 2012-01-01Physics and Technology for Future Presidents
  6. by David A. Porter / 2012-01-01Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys
  7. by W. Thomas Griffith / 2012-01-01Physics of Everyday Phenomena
  8. by Edited by Martina Luysberg, Karsten Tillmann, Thomas Weirich / 2012-01-02EMC 2008: Vol 1: Instrumentation and Methods
  9. by Wolfgang Braun / 2012-01-02Applied RHEED: Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction During Crystal Growth (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics)
  10. by Sergey Nazarenko / 2012-01-02Wave Turbulence (Lecture Notes in Physics)
  11. by Chad A. Mirkin, Mark C. Hersam, Mihail C. Roco / 2012-01-02Nanotechnology Research Directions for Societal Needs in 2020: Retrospective and Outlook (Science Policy Reports)
  12. by Nikolaus Hinrichs, Oliver Romberg / 2012-01-02Keine Panik vor Mechanik!: Erfolg und Spass im klassischen 'Loser-Fach' des Ingenieurstudiums
  13. by Hans-Peter Heinz, Karl-Heinz Goldhorn / 2012-01-02Mathematik fur Physiker 2: Funktionentheorie - Dynamik - Mannigfaltigkeiten - Variationsrechnung (Springer-Lehrbuch) (German Edition)
  14. by Oleg G. Bakunin / 2012-01-02Chaotic Flows: Correlation Effects, Transport, and Structures (Springer Series in Synergetics)
  15. by A Kundu / 2012-01-02Classical and Quantum Nonlinear Integrable Systems: Theory and Application (Series in Mathematical and Computational Physics)
  16. by F. Svec, T.B. Tennikova, Z. Deyl / 2012-01-02Monolithic Materials: Preparation, Properties and Applications (Journal of Chromatography Library)
  17. by Peter Kopietz / 2012-01-02Peter Kopietz, "Bosonization of Interacting Fermions in Arbitrary Dimensions"
  18. by Claus Wilhelm Turtur / 2012-01-02Prufungstrainer Physik: Klausur- und Ubungsaufgaben mit vollstandigen Musterlosungen 3. Auflage
  19. by Edited by Danielle Alloin, Wolfgang Gieren / 2012-01-04Danielle Alloin, "Stellar Candles for the Extragalactic Distance Scale"
  20. by Edited by Nader Haghighipour / 2012-01-04Planets in Binary Star Systems
  21. by Edited by H. Arenhovel, A. M. Saruis / 2012-01-05H. Arenhovel, "From Collective States to Quarks in Nuclei"
  22. by Leon Gunther / 2012-01-06The Physics of Music and Color free ebook download
  23. by Alex Montwill, Ann Breslin / 2012-01-06Let There Be Light: The Story of Light from Atoms to Galaxies free ebook download
  24. by Samuel Glasstone / 2012-01-07Thermodynamics For Chemists
  25. by Edited by H. Cabannes, M. Holt, V. V. Rusanov / 2012-01-08H. Cabannes , "Sixth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics"
  26. 2012-01-08Physical properties of polymers by F. Bueche ( repost )
  27. by Edited by Gerd Litfin / 2012-01-08Technische Optik in der Praxis
  28. by Edited by Victor V. Dodonov, Vladimir I. Man'ko / 2012-01-09Victor V. Dodonov, "Group Theoretical Methods in Physics"
  29. by Edited by Ammasi Periasamy, Robert M. Clegg / 2012-01-09FLIM Microscopy in Biology and Medicine
  30. by Todor M. Mishonov, Evgeni S. Penev / 2012-01-09Theory of High Temperature Superconductivity: A Conventional Approach free ebook download
  31. 2012-01-10Liquid Crystal Displays: Fundamental Physics and Technology
  32. by Bahaa E. A. Saleh, Malvin Carl Teich / 2012-01-12Bahaa E. A. Saleh, "Fundamentals of Photonics"
  33. by Gabriel Rincon-Mora / 2012-01-13Analog IC Design with Low-Dropout Regulators (LDOs) (Electronic Engineering) free ebook download
  34. by Edited by H. Richard Miller, Paul J. Wiita / 2012-01-14H. Richard Miller, "Active Galactic Nuclei"
  35. 2012-01-15MIT Video Course on Electricity and Magnetism full
  36. 2012-01-15Physics Of The Impossible
  37. by Edited by Peter S. Zory Jr. / 2012-01-15Quantum Well Lasers
  38. by Steven Weinberg / 2012-01-15The First Three Minutes: A Modern View of the Origin of the Universe
  39. by Modern Aspects, Bulk Crystal, Thin Film Preparation / 2012-01-16Modern Aspects of Bulk Crystal and Thin Film Preparation
  40. by Dieter Biskamp / 2012-01-16Nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamics
  41. by Viktor Dotsenko / 2012-01-17Viktor Dotsenko, "Introduction to the Replica Theory of Disordered Statistical Systems"
  42. by G. F. Roach / 2012-01-17Wave Scattering by Time-Dependent Perturbations: An Introduction
  43. by De-Yi Shang / 2012-01-18Theory of Heat Transfer with Forced Convection Film Flows
  44. 2012-01-19Fundamentals of Physics Extended 9th Edition Solutions (repost)
  45. by Michael Bukshtab / 2012-01-19Applied Photometry, Radiometry, and Measurements of Optical Losses (Springer Series in Optical Sciences)
  46. by Edited by J.S. Al-Khalili, Ernst Roeckl / 2012-01-19J.S. Al-Khalili, "The Euroschool Lectures on Physics With Exotic Beams"
  47. by Edited by Emmanuel P. Papadakis / 2012-01-19Reference for Modern Instrumentation, Techniques, and Technology
  48. by Shirley Samuels / 2012-01-21Romances of the Republic: Women, the Family, and Violence in the Literature of the Early American Nation
  49. by Albert Greve, Michael Bremer / 2012-01-21Thermal Design and Thermal Behaviour of Radio Telescopes and their Enclosures
  50. by Edited by Hans J. Schneider-Muntau / 2012-01-21Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation, Its Application To Science And Ultra-High Pulsed-Power Technology
  51. by Edited by Author Unknown / 2012-01-21Progress in Optics, Vol. 20
  52. by Edited by H. Zabel, Samuel D. Bader / 2012-01-22Magnetic Heterostructures: Advances and Perspectives in Spinstructures and Spintransport
  53. by Kannan Moudgalya / 2012-01-23Digital Control
  54. by Ralph Morrison / 2012-01-23Grounding and Shielding: Circuits and Interference (Grounding & Shielding Techniques) free ebook download
  55. by Subir Sachdev / 2012-01-23Quantum Phase Transitions, 2nd Edition
  56. by Don Koks / 2012-01-23Explorations in Mathematical Physics: The Concepts Behind an Elegant Language
  57. by Shi-Hai Dong / 2012-01-24Factorization Method in Quantum Mechanics
  58. by Edited by Faqir Khanna, Davron Matrasulov / 2012-01-24Non-Linear Dynamics and Fundamental Interactions (NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) free ebook download
  59. by Edited by Peter von Ballmoos / 2012-01-24Focusing Telescopes in Nuclear Astrophysics free ebook download
  60. by Gerd E. Keiser / 2012-01-24Optical Fibre Communications, 2nd edition free ebook download
  61. by Vladimir Anisimov, Yuri Izyumov / 2012-01-24Electronic Structure of Strongly Correlated Materials
  62. by Rino Micheloni, Luca Crippa, Alessia Marelli / 2012-01-24Inside NAND Flash Memories
  63. by Nikolai B. Kopnin / 2012-01-24Theory of Nonequilibrium Superconductivity
  64. by Manijeh Razeghi / 2012-01-24Technology of Quantum Devices
  65. by Jim Breithaupt / 2012-01-24Teach Yourself Physics
  66. by Richard Fitzpatrick / 2012-01-24Maxwell's Equations and the Principles of Electromagnetism (Physics) (Physics (Infinity Science Press)) free ebook download
  67. by P. A. Libby / 2012-01-24Turbulent Reacting Flows (Topics in Applied Physics) free ebook download
  68. by Edited by Klaus D. Sattler / 2012-01-24Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanotubes and Nanowires
  69. by Edited by Klaus D. Sattler / 2012-01-24Handbook of Nanophysics: Clusters and Fullerenes
  70. by Edited by Klaus D. Sattler / 2012-01-24Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics
  71. by Paul M. Bellan / 2012-01-24Fundamentals of Plasma Physics
  72. by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker / 2012-01-24Fundamentals of Physics Extended, 9th Edition
  73. by Paul Halpern, Paul Wesson / 2012-01-24Brave New Universe: Illuminating the Darkest Secrets of the Cosmos free ebook download
  74. by Robert N. Cahn, Gerson Goldhaber / 2012-01-24The Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics free ebook download
  75. by Abhay K. Singh / 2012-01-24Solutions Irodov's Prob. Gen. Physics free ebook download
  76. by David M. Harland / 2012-01-24Water and the Search for Life on Mars (Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration) free ebook download
  77. by Tomas Ort n / 2012-01-25Gravity and Strings (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics)
  78. by Committee on Nuclear Physics, National Research Council / 2012-01-25Nuclear Physics: the Core of Matter, the Fuel of Stars free ebook download
  79. by Milton Ohring / 2012-01-25Engineering Materials Science
  80. by Jochen Gemmer, M. Michel, G. Mahler / 2012-01-26Jochen Gemmer, "Quantum Thermodynamics: Emergence of Thermodynamic Behavior Within Composite Quantum Systems"
  81. by Giancarlo C. Righini, Antonella Tajani, Antonello Cutolo / 2012-01-28An Introduction To Optoelectronic Sensors
  82. by Inc. BarCharts / 2012-01-29Physics Equations & Answers free ebook download
  83. 2012-01-29Higher Level Physics for the IB Diploma
  84. 2012-02-05Physics of Life: The Physicist's Road to Biology (REPOST)
  85. 2012-02-06Physics of Life: The Physicist's Road to Biology
  87. 2012-02-11How Math Explains the World: A Guide to the Power of Numbers, from Car Repair to Modern Physics
  88. 2012-02-13How Math Explains the World: A Guide to the Power of Numbers, from Car Repair to Modern Physics
  89. 2012-02-25Physics of Life: The Physicist's Road to Biology
  90. 2012-02-28How Math Explains the World: A Guide to the Power of Numbers, from Car Repair to Modern Physics
  91. 2012-02-28Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical Measures of Human Form in Health and Disease
  92. 2012-02-28Quantum Physics Workbook For Dummies
  93. 2012-02-28Physics of Space Storms: From the Solar Surface to the Earth
  94. 2012-03-02Physics of Space Storms: From the Solar Surface to the Earth
  95. 2012-03-02Quantum Physics Workbook For Dummies
  96. 2012-03-02Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical Measures of Human Form in Health and Disease
  97. 2012-03-03Physics of Life: The Physicist's Road to Biology
  98. by Albert Einstein / 2012-03-06Letters on Wave Mechanics: Correspondence with H. A. Lorentz, Max Planck, and Erwin Schrödinger
  99. by Bruce W. Shore / 2012-03-07Manipulating Quantum Structures Using Laser Pulses
  100. by Alexandre M. Zagoskin / 2012-03-07Alexandre M. Zagoskin "Quantum Engineering: Theory and Design of Quantum Coherent Structures"


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