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  1. by Alfred Boge / 2012-01-08Technische Mechanik: Statik, Dynamik, Fluidmechanik, Festigkeitslehre
  2. by Robert H. Chen / 2012-01-08Liquid Crystal Displays: Fundamental Physics and Technology (Wiley Series in Display Technology) free ebook download
  3. by Edited by Yoky Matsuoka, Hugh Durrant-Whyte, Jose Neira / 2012-01-08Robotics: Science and Systems VI free ebook download
  4. 2012-01-09Android 3.0 Animations: Beginner’s Guide
  5. 2012-01-09Android Development with Flash: Your visual blueprint for developing mobile apps
  6. by Jay Armstrong, Jen deHaan / 2012-01-09Jay Armstrong and Jen deHaan, Macromedia Flash 8: A Tutorial Guide
  7. by Janick Bergeron / 2012-01-09Writing Testbenches - Functional Verification of HDL Models by Janick Bergeron
  8. 2012-01-09Download Reign of Doomsday Complete Comic (2011)
  9. by Thomas Petruzzellis / 2012-01-10Electronics Sensors for the Evil Genius: 54 Electrifying Projects free ebook download
  10. by Jean-Pierre Couwenbergh / 2012-01-10AutoCad 3D : Modelisation et rendu
  11. by Donna Baker, Laurie Fuller / 2012-01-10Donna Baker, Laurie Ulrich, Laurie Ulrich Fuller "How To Do Everything Adobe InDesign CS4"
  12. by Matsuya Piece-Goods Store / 2012-01-10Japanese Design Motifs: 4,260 Illustrations of Japanese Crests
  13. by Aminghasem Safarian, Payam Heydari / 2012-01-10Silicon-Based RF Front-Ends for Ultra Wideband Radios (Analog Circuits and Signal Processing) free ebook download
  14. by John W. Orton / 2012-01-10Semiconductors and the Information Revolution: Magic Crystals that made IT Happen
  15. by Edited by Amin Rida, Manos Tentzeris / 2012-01-10Design and Development of RFID and RFID-Enabled Sensors on Flexible Low Cost Substrates (Synthesis Lectures on Rf/Microwaves) free ebook download
  16. by CIA / 2012-01-10CIA, "CIA Explosives for Sabotage Manual"
  17. by The Simpsons Handbook, Secret Tips / 2012-01-10The Simpsons Handbook: Secret Tips from the Pros
  18. by Ali M. Niknejad, Robert G. Meyer / 2012-01-11Design, Simulation and Applications of Inductors and Transformers for Si RF ICs (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science) free ebook download
  19. by C.J. de Ranter, Michiel Steyaert / 2012-01-11High Data Rate Transmitter Circuits: RF CMOS Design and Techniques for Design Automation (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science) free ebook download
  20. by Cam Nguyen / 2012-01-11Analysis Methods for RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave Planar Transmission Line Structures free ebook download
  21. by Mingliang (Michael) Liu / 2012-01-11Demystifying Switched Capacitor Circuits (Demystifying Technology, Vol. 1) free ebook download
  22. by Alan Overby / 2012-01-12CNC Machining Handbook: Building, Programming, and Implementation free ebook download
  23. by Robin Williams, John Tollett / 2012-01-12Robin Williams Design Workshop Second Edition
  24. by Henk G. Merkus / 2012-01-12Henk G. Merkus, Particle Size Measurements: Fundamentals, Practice, Quality
  25. by Edited by Liu Liming / 2012-01-13Welding and Joining of Magnesium Alloys
  26. by David Binkley / 2012-01-13Tradeoffs and Optimization in Analog CMOS Design free ebook download
  27. by Angie Jones, Jamie Oliff / 2012-01-13Thinking Animation: Bridging the Gap Between 2D and CG
  28. by Zhiheng Cao, Shouli Yan / 2012-01-13Low-Power High-Speed ADCs for Nanometer CMOS Integration (Analog Circuits and Signal Processing) free ebook download
  29. by Ray Williamson / 2012-01-14Field Guide to Optical Fabrication (SPIE Field Guide Vol. FG20) free ebook download
  30. by Edited by Mohammad Jamshidi / 2012-01-14System of Systems Engineering: Innovations for the Twenty-First Century
  31. by Richard Freudenberger / 2012-01-15Building Storage Stuff: 25 Plans & Projects to Help Put Things in Their Place
  32. by Hermann Lodding / 2012-01-16Verfahren der Fertigungssteuerung: Grundlagen, Beschreibung, Konfiguration
  33. by Edited by Ulrich Seiffert, Gotthard Rainer / 2012-01-16Virtuelle Produktentstehung fur Fahrzeug und Antrieb im Kfz
  34. by William D. Callister, David G. Rethwisch / 2012-01-16Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction
  35. by William G. Wyatt / 2012-01-16Accessing AutoCAD Architecture 2011
  36. by Edited by R. S. Blackburn / 2012-01-16Biodegradable and Sustainable Fibres
  37. by Stuart Sutherland, Simon Davidmann, Peter Flake / 2012-01-17Stuart Sutherland, "SystemVerilog for Design: A Guide to Using SystemVerilog for Hardware Design and Modeling"
  38. by Edited by Daniel Brissaud, Serge Tichkiewitch, Peggy Zwolinski / 2012-01-17Innovation in Life Cycle Engineering and Sustainable Development
  39. by Vittorio Cristini, John Lowengrub / 2012-01-17Multiscale Modeling of Cancer: An Integrated Experimental and Mathematical Modeling Approach
  40. by Emad Eldin Hegazi, Jacob Rael, Asad Abidi / 2012-01-18The Designer's Guide to High-Purity Oscillators
  41. by Edited by Cutler J. Cleveland, Christopher G. Morris / 2012-01-18Dictionary of Energy: Expanded Edition
  42. by Jack Blitz / 2012-01-18Jack Blitz, "Ultrasonics: Methods and Applications"
  43. 2012-01-18Star Wars - Blood Ties - Jango and Boba Fett #1-4 (2010) Complete
  44. by Leena Singh, Leonard Drucker / 2012-01-20Advanced Verification Techniques: A SystemC Based Approach for Successful Tapeout
  45. by David Nahmani / 2012-01-20Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9
  46. by Engelbert Westkamper, Hans-Jurgen Warnecke / 2012-01-21Einfuhrung in die Fertigungstechnik
  47. by Estel Vilaseca / 2012-01-21Essential Fashion Illustration: Color and Medium
  48. by Lynd Ward / 2012-01-21Gods Man: A Novel in Woodcuts (1929)
  49. by Stylianos-Savvas P. Augustithis / 2012-01-21Atlas of the Textural Patterns of Ore Minerals and Metallogenic Processes
  50. by George Omura, Rick Graham / 2012-01-21Mastering AutoCAD for Mac
  51. by Ian Sinclair, John Dunton / 2012-01-21Practical Electronics Handbook, Sixth Edition by Ian Sinclair
  52. by Edited by Dehuai Zeng / 2012-01-21Advances in Information Technology and Industry Applications
  53. by McGraw-Hill / 2012-01-21Dictionary of Engineering
  54. by T. E. Simos / 2012-01-21Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 2003
  55. by John Kuffel, E. Kuffel, W. S. Zaengl / 2012-01-21High Voltage Engineering Fundamentals, Second Edition
  56. by Patrick Diver / 2012-01-22Les secrets du dessinateur AutoCad
  57. by Brian Lesser, Giacomo Guilizzoni, Robert Reinhardt, Joey Lott, Justin Watkins / 2012-01-22Brian Lesser, Programming Flash Communication Server
  58. by Edited by Maarten Blokland, Guy Alaerts, Judith Kaspersma, Matt Hare / 2012-01-22Capacity Development for Improved Water Management
  59. by Digambar M. Tagare / 2012-01-22Electricity Power Generation: The Changing Dimensions
  60. by Ali Chowdhury, Don Koval / 2012-01-23Power Distribution System Reliability: Practical Methods and Applications
  61. by Salvatore Celozzi, Rodolfo Araneo, Giampiero Lovat / 2012-01-23Electromagnetic Shielding (Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering) free ebook download
  62. by Angelo Baggini / 2012-01-23Handbook of Power Quality free ebook download
  63. by Edited by Min Zhu / 2012-01-23Electrical Engineering and Control, Volume 2
  64. by John N. Helbert / 2012-01-23Handbook of VLSI Microlithography
  65. by Dieter Kreb, Benno Kaufhold / 2012-01-23Signale und Systeme verstehen und vertiefen: Denken und Arbeiten im Zeit- und Frequenzbereich
  66. by Min Gu, Damian Bird, Daniel Day, Ling Fu, Dru Morrish / 2012-01-24Femtosecond Biophotonics: Core Technology and Applications by Min Gu
  67. by F. L. Matthews, G. A. Davies, D. Hitchings, C. Soutis, University of London / 2012-01-24Finite Element Modelling of Composite Materials and Structures
  68. by Edited by Dengzhe Ma, Jurgen Gausemeier, Xiumin Fan, Michael Grafe / 2012-01-24Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in Industry free ebook download
  69. by Brad Miser / 2012-01-24My iPhone, 4th Edition (covers 3G, 3Gs and 4 running iOS4)
  70. by Shenbaga R. Kaniraj / 2012-01-24Design Aids in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering free ebook download
  71. by ASTM International / 2012-01-24Fracture Resistance Testing of Monolithic and Composite Brittle Materials
  72. by Edited by Herman Casier, Michiel Steyaert, Arthur H. M. van Roermund / 2012-01-24Analog Circuit Design: Sensors, Actuators and Power Drivers Integrated Power Amplifiers from Wireline to RF Very High Frequency Front Ends free ebook download
  73. by Nadim Maluf, Kirt Williams / 2012-01-24An Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems Engineering, Second Edition free ebook download
  74. by Committee on River Science at the U.S. Geological Survey, National Research Council / 2012-01-24River Science at the U.S. Geological Survey
  75. by Terry Wohlers / 2012-01-24Applying AutoCAD 2010 free ebook download
  76. by Edited by Fine Homebuilding / 2012-01-24Cabinets And Countertops For Pros By Pros - From The Editors of Fine Homebuilding
  77. by Andrew Piziali / 2012-01-24Functional Verification Coverage Measurement and Analysis
  78. by Zhen Guo, Li Tan / 2012-01-24Fundamentals and Applications of Nanomaterials (Artech House)
  79. by Edited by John D. McDonald / 2012-01-24Electric Power Substations Engineering
  80. by Robert Brown Butler / 2012-01-24Architectural Engineering Design: Mechanical Systems
  81. by Turan Gonen / 2012-01-24Electric Power Transmission System Engineering: Analysis and Design free ebook download
  82. by Roman B. Statnikov, Alexander Statnikov / 2012-01-24The Parameter Space Investigation Method Toolkit
  83. by C. Richard Johnson Jr, William A. Sethares, Andrew G. Klein / 2012-01-24Software Receiver Design: Build Your Own Digital Communication System in Five Easy Steps free ebook download
  84. by Edited by Keri A. Wilkinson, Daniel A. Ordonez / 2012-01-24Adhesive Properties in Nanomaterials, Composites and Films
  85. by Cristian Kunusch, Paul Puleston, Miguel Mayosky / 2012-01-25Sliding-Mode Control of PEM Fuel Cells
  86. by William C. Oakes, Les L. Leone, Craig J. Gunn / 2012-01-25Engineering Your Future: Comprehensive Introduction to Engineering, 2009-2010 Edition ( 6 edition)
  87. by Eberhard Paucksch, Sven Holsten, Marco Linb, Franz Tikal / 2012-01-25Zerspantechnik: Prozesse, Werkzeuge, Technologien
  88. by Ellen Ivers-Tiffee, Waldemar von Munch / 2012-01-25Werkstoffe der Elektrotechnik
  89. by Lutz Hering / 2012-01-25Technische Berichte
  90. by Eoin Carey, Sverre Lidholm / 2012-01-25Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits
  91. by Peter M. Martin / 2012-01-26Handbook of Deposition Technologies for Films and Coatings, Third Edition
  92. by David M. Pozar / 2012-01-26Microwave Engineering,3 ed free ebook download
  93. by Kin P. Cheung / 2012-01-28Plasma Charging Damage
  94. by Edited by Yoshio Nishi, Robert Doering / 2012-01-28Handbook of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Second Edition
  95. by Edited by MIchael Schabacker / 2012-01-28Solid Edge - kurz und bundig: Grundlagen fur Einsteiger
  96. by Martin Werner / 2012-01-28Signale und Systeme
  97. by Peter Baumann / 2012-01-28Sensorschaltungen. Simulation mit PSPICE
  98. by Chris Solomon, Toby Breckon / 2012-01-28Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing: A Practical Approach with Examples in Matlab
  99. by Alexander Chenakin / 2012-01-28Frequency Synthesizers: From Concept to Product
  100. 2012-01-29The Fury of Firestorm - The Nuclear Men #5 (2012)


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