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  1. 2010-11-02Jazz Play Along Vol. 10 - Disney - Removed
  2. 2010-11-03Brett Garsed - Rock Guitar Improvisation [Vol. 1 & Vol. 2] (2004)
  3. 2010-11-03The Encyclopedia of Bass Riffs: Examples of Over 40 Styles
  4. 2010-11-03In Session with Jeff Beck (Repost)
  5. 2010-11-03Shirlee Emmons, Constance Chase - Prescriptions for Choral Excellence
  6. 2010-11-03(Hot Licks) Craig Chaquico - Electric Acoustic Guitar
  7. 2010-11-04Chris Kringel - Funk Bass
  8. 2010-11-04Jazz Play Along Vol. 11 - Rodgers & Hart Favorites - Removed
  9. 2010-11-16Training & Teaching Co - Understanding the Fundamentals of Music (Video Course)
  10. 2010-11-16Lick Library - Learn To Play Chuck Berry (2009)
  11. 2010-11-16Lick Library - Quick Licks - Stevie Ray Vaughan [Slow Blues] (2008)
  12. 2010-11-16Dave Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir
  13. 2010-11-17Complete Idiot's Guide to Songwriting (Repost)
  14. 2010-11-17Mike Stern - Guitar Instructional Video (2004)
  15. 2010-11-17Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar With Steve Krenz (Complete Course)
  16. 2010-11-17From Polychords to Polya: Adventures in Musical Combinatorics
  17. 2010-11-18Ableton Live 6 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide
  18. 2010-11-19Warren Nunes - The Jazz Guitar Chord Bible Complete
  19. 2010-11-19The Complete Home Music Recording Starter Kit: Create Quality Home Recordings on a Budget!
  20. 2010-11-19The Complete Home Music Recording Starter Kit: Create Quality Home Recordings on a Budget
  21. 2010-11-21Great Masters - Mozart: His Life and Music (Video Course)
  22. 2010-11-23Conversations in Clave: The Ultimate Technical Study of Four-Way Independence in Afro-Cuban Rhythms (Repost)
  23. 2010-11-23Music that works: Contributions of biology, neurophysiology, psychology, sociology, medicine and musicology (Repost)
  24. 2010-11-23Steven Manus - How to Play the Harmonica: Diatonic or Chromatic
  25. 2010-11-23Lick Library - Learn To Play Gary Moore (2008)
  26. 2010-11-23FastTrack Mini Chords and Scales for Guitar
  27. 2010-11-24Maran Illustrated Guitar (Repost)
  28. 2010-11-25The Radio Station, Eighth Edition: Broadcast, Satellite and Internet - Removed
  29. 2010-11-26You Can Play Guitar! - A Complete Course for the Beginner
  30. 2010-11-26How to Listen to and Understand Opera (Video Course)
  31. 2010-11-26Music, Sound and Multimedia: From the Live to the Virtual
  32. 2010-11-26The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures (Repost)
  33. 2010-11-26The Mobile DJ Handbook, Second Edition (repost)
  34. 2010-11-26Lick Library - Learn to play Dio - Danny Gill (2010)
  35. 2010-11-27Musical Performance: A Comprehensive Approach: Theory, Analytical Tools, and Case Studies (Computational Music Science)
  36. 2010-11-27Play Guitar With Iron Maiden
  37. 2010-11-27Professional Chord Changes and Substitutions for 100 Tunes Every Musician Should Know
  38. 2010-11-27Loudspeakers: For music recording and reproduction (repost)
  39. 2010-11-27Santana- All That I Am (Repost)
  40. 2010-11-27Beethoven: Violin Concerto
  41. 2010-11-28The Rough Guide to Soul and R&B
  42. 2010-11-28Michael Jackson's Thriller (RePost)
  43. 2010-11-28Enya - Amarantine (RePost)
  44. 2010-11-28The Beatles at the Hollywood Bow
  45. 2010-11-28The Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker (Guitar Tablature Book) RePost
  46. 2010-11-28Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue
  47. 2010-11-28Jane Campion's The Piano
  48. 2010-11-28Mizzy McCaskill, Dona Gilliam - Mel Bay Indispensable Scales, Exercises, and Etudes for the Developing Flutist
  49. 2010-11-30The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  50. 2010-11-30Logic Pro 9 Advanced Music Production Lesson And Media Files
  51. 2010-12-01Berlioz: Roméo et Juliette
  52. 2010-12-02Bach: The Goldberg Variations
  53. 2010-12-02Modern Methods for Musicology
  54. 2010-12-03Haydn: String Quartets, Op. 50
  55. 2010-12-03Jazz Play Along Vol. 13 - John Coltrane
  56. 2010-12-03Lick Library - Learn To Play Steve Vai [Volume 3] (2007)
  57. 2010-12-03Lick Library - Learn To Play Steve Vai [Volume 2] (2005)
  58. 2010-12-03Lick Library - Learn To Play Steve Vai (2004)
  59. 2010-12-04Dave Matthews Band - Crash (Guitar Personality)
  60. 2010-12-04Twilight Music from the Motion Picture Score for Big-Note Piano
  61. 2010-12-04Liszt: Sonata in B Minor
  62. 2010-12-04Van Halen - Balance (Play It Like It Is)
  63. 2010-12-05Popular Music: The Key Concepts
  64. 2010-12-05Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets
  65. 2010-12-06Schumann: Fantasie, Op. 17
  66. 2010-12-06Great Masters - Lizst: His Life and Music (Video Course)
  67. 2010-12-06Music that works: Contributions of biology, neurophysiology, psychology, sociology, medicine and musicology (Repost)
  68. 2010-12-07Stravinsky: Oedipus Rex
  69. 2010-12-07Maha Mrityunjaya
  70. 2010-12-07Steve Morse Band - Southern Steel (Play It Like It Is)
  71. 2010-12-08Marc Atkinson - The Unreel Drum Book
  72. 2010-12-08Guitar For Dummies (Repost)
  73. 2010-12-08Sepultura - Arise: Guitar vocal with tablature
  74. 2010-12-08Mark Almond - Piano for Quitters
  75. 2010-12-08Dvorák: Cello Concerto
  76. 2010-12-09Setting Up A Bedroom Studio
  77. 2010-12-09Church and Worship Music: A Research and Information Guide
  78. 2010-12-09Holst: The Planets
  79. 2010-12-09Lick Library - Guitar Aerobics for Beginners
  80. 2010-12-10Talc Tolchin - Learn The Essentials Of Piano (volume 1-4)
  81. 2010-12-10Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies (Repost) - Removed
  82. 2010-12-10Mastering Piano Technique: A Guide for Students, Teachers, and Performers (RePost)
  83. 2010-12-10Frank Zappa - Hot Rats (Guitar Recorded Version) RePost
  84. 2010-12-11Amy Beach, Passionate Victorian (RePost)
  85. 2010-12-11Fretboard Roadmaps: The Essential Guitar Patterns That All the Pros Know and Use (RePost)
  86. 2010-12-11Jay-Z (Hip-Hop Stars) RePost
  87. 2010-12-11Run-DMC (Hip-Hop Stars) RePost
  88. 2010-12-1139 Progressive Solos for Classical Guitar: Book 1-2 (Tab & Audio) RePost - Removed
  89. 2010-12-11The Concerto: A Research and Information Guide
  90. 2010-12-11Verdi: Requiem
  91. 2010-12-11Johannes Brahms - Removed
  92. 2010-12-12Ives: Concord Sonata: Piano Sonata No. 2
  93. 2010-12-12Guitar All-in-One For Dummies (Repost)
  94. 2010-12-12Hal Leonard - Rhythm Guitar [The Complete Guide] (2006)
  95. 2010-12-13Dimensions in Time
  96. 2010-12-13Ben Hewlett Harmonica Course Vol. 18 - 60 Sonny Terry Blues Riffs
  97. 2010-12-13Peter Vogl - The Guitarist's Music Theory Book
  98. 2010-12-14Beginner's Finger Picking Guitar - Fred Sokolow
  99. 2010-12-15Engineering the Guitar: Theory and Practice (RePost)
  100. 2010-12-15Robert R. Faulkner, Howard S. Becker - "Do You Know...?": The Jazz Repertoire in Action
  101. 2010-12-15Lick Library - Quick Licks - Rockabilly - Brian Setzer


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