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  1. 2020-01-14The Royal Navy in Eastern Waters: Linchpin of Victory 1935-1942
  2. 2020-01-14Religion and Extremism: Rejecting Diversity
  3. 2020-01-14The Old Testament in Archaeology and History
  4. 2020-01-14Revolution!: Writings from Russia: 1917
  5. 2020-01-14Against the Fascist Creep
  6. 2020-01-14A Land Without Borders: My Journey Around East Jerusalem and the West Bank
  7. 2020-01-14So Happiness to Meet You: Foolishly, Blissfully Stranded in Vietnam
  8. 2020-01-14The Greatest Air Combat Stories Ever Told
  9. 2020-01-14Never to Return
  10. 2020-01-14Luzon 1945: The final liberation of the Philippines (Campaign)
  11. 2020-01-14Kashmir: Exposing the Myth behind the Narrative
  12. 2020-01-14Belief and Practice in Imperial Japan and Colonial Korea (Religion and Society in Asia Pacific)
  13. 2020-01-14Pathology of Opportunistic Infections: An Illustrative Atlas
  14. 2020-01-14Religion, Culture, and the Public Sphere in China and Japan (Religion and Society in Asia Pacific)
  15. 2020-01-14Notes on the Ellipsoidal Function - Removed
  16. 2020-01-14Contemporary Chinese Films and Celebrity Directors - Removed
  17. 2020-01-14The Christian Survivor: How Roman Christianity Defeated Its Early Competitors
  18. 2020-01-15Minorities in the Israeli Military, 1948–58
  19. 2020-01-15Leningrad 1941 - 42: Morality in a City under Siege
  20. 2020-01-15The Fall of Hitler's Fortress City: The Battle for Konigsberg, 1945
  21. 2020-01-15The Coming Storm: Test and First-Class Cricketers Killed in World War Two
  22. 2020-01-15Dien Bien Phu (Cold War)
  23. 2020-01-15Bedrich Smetana: Myth, Music, and Propaganda (Eastman Studies in Music)
  24. 2020-01-15POK POK The Drinking Food of Thailand: A Cookbook
  25. 2020-01-15Fighter Aces: Knights of the Sky (Casemate Short History)
  26. 2020-01-15Tanks: A Century of Tank Warfare (Casemate Short History)
  27. 2020-01-15Republic P-47 Thunderbolt - North American P-51 Mustang
  28. 2020-01-15The Hawker Hurricane - The Supermarine Spitfire
  29. 2020-01-15Avro Lancaster - Handley Page Halifax - Short S.29 Stirling
  30. 2020-01-15Writing Case Reports: A Practical Guide from Conception through Publication - Removed
  31. 2020-01-15Jewish Conscience of the Church: Jules Isaac and the Second Vatican Council
  32. 2020-01-15An Economic Inquiry into the Nonlinear Behaviors of Nations: Dynamic Developments and the Origins of Civilizations
  33. 2020-01-16Diodorus Siculus and the World of the Late Roman Republic
  34. by Andrew Smart / 2020-01-16AutopilotThe art & science of doing nothing
  35. 2020-01-22The Conservative Human Rights Revolution: European Identity, Transnational Politics, and the Origins of the European Convention
  36. 2020-01-22The Plague of War: Athens, Sparta, and the Struggle for Ancient Greece (Ancient Warfare and Civilization)
  37. 2020-01-22Illness and Inhumanity in Stalin's Gulag (Yale-Hoover Series on Authoritarian Regimes)
  38. 2020-01-22A Great Place to Have a War: America in Laos and the Birth of a Military CIA
  39. 2020-01-22Race and the Politics of Deception: The Making of an American City
  40. 2020-01-22From Burma to Myanmar: On the Road to Mandalay
  41. 2020-01-22The Battle of Glendale: Robert E. Lee’s Lost Opportunity (Civil War Series)
  42. 2020-01-22The Islam in Islamic Terrorism: The Importance of Beliefs, Ideas, and Ideology
  43. 2020-01-22The Biggest Prison on Earth: A History of the Occupied Territories
  44. 2020-01-22Soft & Cuddly (Boss Fight Books)
  45. 2020-01-22Network Design and Optimization for Smart Cities (Computers and Operations Research)
  46. 2020-01-22Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black and White, Body and Soul in American Music
  47. 2020-01-22New Topological Invariants for Real- and Angle-Valued Maps: An Alternative to Morse-Novikov Theory
  48. 2020-01-22The Greeks
  49. 2020-01-22Guided by the Mountains: Navajo Political Philosophy and Governance
  50. 2020-01-22Losing an Enemy: Obama, Iran, and the Triumph of Diplomacy
  51. 2020-01-22Ancient Engineers' Inventions: Precursors of the Present (History of Mechanism and Machine Science) Ed 2
  52. 2020-01-22The Invention of Time and Space: Origins, Definitions, Nature, Properties
  53. 2020-01-22The English Embrace of the American Indians: Ideas of Humanity in Early America
  54. 2020-01-23Bioarchaeology of Women and Children in Times of War: Case Studies from the Americas (Bioarchaeology and Social Theory)
  55. 2020-01-23Mathematical Practitioners and the Transformation of Natural Knowledge in Early Modern Europe (Studies in History and Philosophy of Science)
  56. 2020-01-23Cold War Energy: A Transnational History of Soviet Oil and Gas
  57. 2020-01-23Linking the Space Shuttle and Space Stations: Early Docking Technologies from Concept to Implementation (Springer Praxis Books)
  58. 2020-01-23Organizing Democracy: Reflections on the Rise of Political Organizations in the Nineteenth Century (Palgrave Studies in Political History)
  59. 2020-01-23From Fascism to Populism in History
  60. 2020-01-23Bright Modernity: Color, Commerce, and Consumer Culture (Worlds of Consumption)
  61. 2020-01-23Australians and the First World War: Local-Global Connections and Contexts
  62. 2020-01-23Pottery, Livelihoods, and Landscapes: A Case Study from the Peruvian Andes (SpringerBriefs in Latin American Studies)
  63. 2020-01-23Muslim History and Social Theory: A Global Sociology of Modernity (The Modern Muslim World)
  64. 2020-01-23Burnout, Fatigue, Exhaustion: An Interdisciplinary Perspective on a Modern Affliction
  65. 2020-01-24The Broca-Wernicke Doctrine: A Historical and Clinical Perspective on Localization of Language Functions
  66. 2020-01-24The Spanish Military and Warfare from 1899 to the Civil War: The Uncertain Path to Victory
  67. 2020-01-24Improving Psychiatric Care for Older People: Barbara Robb’s Campaign 1965-1975 (Mental Health in Historical Perspective)
  68. 2020-01-24Catalonia in Spain: History and Myth (Palgrave Studies in Economic History)
  69. 2020-01-24Drunks: An American History
  70. 2020-01-24Public Control of Armed Forces in the Russian Federation
  71. 2020-01-24Disorderly Families: Infamous Letters from the Bastille Archives
  72. 2020-01-24Coming of Age: The Sexual Awakening of Margaret Mead
  73. 2020-01-24Japan on the Silk Road: Encounters and Perspectives of Politics and Culture in Eurasia (Brill's Japanese Studies Library)
  74. 2020-01-24The Economic Integration of Roman Italy: Rural Communities in a Globalising World (Mnemosyne, Supplements: History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity)
  75. 2020-01-24The Persistence of Voice: Instrumental Music and Romantic Orality, (National Cultivation of Culture)
  76. 2020-01-24Creating the Mediterranean (Handbook of Oriental Studies: The Near and Middle East)
  77. 2020-01-24Citizens in the Graeco-Roman World, Aspects of Citizenship from the Archaic Period to AD 212 (Mnemosyne Supplements: History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity)
  78. 2020-01-24Empire and Religion, Religious Change in Greek Cities under Roman Rule (Impact of Empire)
  79. 2020-01-24The Rhetoric of Tenses in Adam Smith's the Wealth of Nations (Brill's Studies in Itellectual History)
  80. 2020-01-24Living the Good Life: Consumption in the Qing and Ottoman Empires of the Eighteenth Century (Rulers & Elites)
  81. 2020-01-24Uyghur Texts in Context
  82. 2020-01-24War, Warlords, and Interstate Relations in the Ancient Mediterranean (Impact of Empire)
  83. 2020-01-24Omnium Annalium Monumenta: Historical Writing and Historical Evidence in Republican Rome (Historiography of Rome and Its Empire)
  84. 2020-01-25China-Japan Relations in the 21st Century: Antagonism Despite Interdependency - Removed
  85. 2020-01-25Confucianism and the Chinese Self: Re-examining Max Weber’s China
  86. 2020-01-26Psychodynamisches Coaching für Führungskräfte: Einzel- und Gruppencoachings in Theorie und Praxis (essentials)
  87. 2020-01-27Divided on D-Day: How Conflicts and Rivalries Jeopardized the Allied Victory at Normandy
  88. 2020-01-27CAPTAIN SAM The Texas Convoy
  89. 2020-01-27The War and Environment Reader
  90. 2020-01-27U-Boats off Bermuda: Patrol Summaries and Merchant Ship Survivors Landed in Bermuda 1940-1944
  91. 2020-01-27Flying into the Storm: RAF Bombers at War 1939-1942
  92. 2020-01-27Battle for the Channel: The First Month of the Battle of Britain 10 July – 10 August 1940
  93. by Leigh Gallagher / 2020-02-02The Airbnb Story
  94. by Lukas Volger / 2020-02-02Bowl: Vegetarian Recipes for Ramen, Pho, Bibimbap, Dumplings, and Other One-Dish Meals Rate this book 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars Bowl: Vegetarian Recipes for Ramen, Pho, Bibimbap, Dumplings, and Other One-Dish M
  95. by Gordon Ramsay / 2020-02-02Gordon Ramsay Bread Street Kitchen: Delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to cook at home
  96. by Daniel T. DiMuzio / 2020-02-02Bread Baking: An Artisan's Perspective
  97. 2020-02-02The 'Global' and the 'Local' in Early Modern and Modern East Asia (Leiden Comparative Historiography)
  98. 2020-02-02Army of Steel: Tank Warfare 1939-45
  99. by Lisa Feldman Barrett / 2020-02-02How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain
  100. by Patrick Thompson / 2020-02-02Kobe Bryant: The Inspirational Story of One of the Greatest Basketball Players of All Time!
  101. by Brandon Royal / 2020-02-02The Little Blue Reasoning Book: 50 Powerful Principles for Clear and Effective Thinking


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