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  1. by Brandon Royal / 2020-02-02The Little Blue Reasoning Book: 50 Powerful Principles for Clear and Effective Thinking
  2. by Catherine Blyth / 2020-02-02The Art of Conversation: A Guided Tour of a Neglected Pleasure
  3. 2020-02-03The Tanks of World War I: The History and Legacy of Tank Warfare during the Great War
  4. 2020-02-03Hitler: The rise and fall of one of history’s most destructive men
  5. 2020-02-03The Making of a Spitfire Pilot
  6. 2020-02-03The Daily Lives of Muslims: Controversy and Islam in Contemporary Europe
  7. 2020-02-03Turkey: A Modern History (International Library of Human Geography) Ed 4
  8. 2020-02-03Prostitution in the Eastern Mediterranean World: The Economics of Sex in the Late Antique and Medieval Middle East
  9. 2020-02-03Cross Veneration in the Medieval Islamic World: Christian Identity and Practice under Muslim Rule (Early and Medieval Islamic World)
  10. 2020-02-03The Kingdom of Women: Life, Love and Death in China's Hidden Mountains
  11. 2020-02-03The New Sultan: Erdogan and the Crisis of Modern Turkey
  12. 2020-02-03The Way of Whisky: A Journey Around Japanese Whisky
  13. 2020-02-04From an Association to a Royal College: The History of the British Paediatric Association and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 1988-2016
  14. 2020-02-04Unhappiness, Sadness and 'Depression': Antidepressants and the Mental Disorder Epidemic
  15. 2020-02-04Tactics and Procurement in the Habsburg Military, 1866-1918: Offensive Spending
  16. 2020-02-04TIM PEAKE and BRITAIN'S ROAD TO SPACE (Springer Praxis Books)
  17. 2020-02-04Sociology in Russia: A Brief History (Sociology Transformed)
  18. 2020-02-04History of War Book of Dunkirk - Fourth Edition 2020
  19. by Maya Angelou / 2020-02-04I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  20. by Stanislas Dehaene / 2020-02-04How We Learn: Why Brains Learn Better Than Any Machine . . . for Now
  21. by Daron Acemoğlu, James A. Robinson / 2020-02-04Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty
  22. by Jamie L Bronstein / 2020-02-04Two Nations, Indivisible: A History of Inequality in America
  23. 2020-02-04Music, Youth and International Links in Post-War British Fascism: The Transformation of Extremism (Palgrave Studies in the History of Subcultures and Popular Music)
  24. 2020-02-04The French Revolution and Religion in Global Perspective: Freedom and Faith (War, Culture and Society, 1750 –1850)
  25. 2020-02-04Global Perspectives on the Bretton Woods Conference and the Post-War World Order (The World of the Roosevelts)
  26. 2020-02-04The Psychologist's Guide to Professional Development
  27. 2020-02-05The 'Sailor Prince' in the Age of Empire: Creating a Monarchical Brand in Nineteenth-Century Europe (Palgrave Studies in Modern Monarchy)
  28. by Alan Buckingham / 2020-02-05DK Eyewitness Photography
  29. 2020-02-05Friends in Flanders: Humanitarian Aid Administered by the Friends\\\' Ambulance Unit during the First World War
  30. 2020-02-05Pantsir: Missile/Gun Air Defense Complex
  31. 2020-02-05Russian/Soviet Aircraft Carrier & Carrier-borne Aviation Design & Evolution, Volume 2: Aircraft Carrying Heavy Cruisers ? Project 1143.5/6 Kuznetsov ... Project 1143.7 Ul?yanovsk & Project 2300E
  32. by Richard Roberts, Roger Kreuz / 2020-02-05Becoming Fluent: How Cognitive Science Can Help Adults Learn a Foreign Language
  33. by Richard Boyatzis, Melvin L. Smith , Ellen Van Oosten / 2020-02-05Helping People Change: Coaching with Compassion for Lifelong Learning and Growth
  34. 2020-02-05Parenting and the State in Britain and Europe, c. 1870-1950: Raising the Nation
  35. 2020-02-05Chicxulub: The Impact and Tsunami: The Story of the Largest Known Asteroid to Hit the Earth (Springer Praxis Books)
  36. 2020-02-05Assembling and Supplying the ISS: The Space Shuttle Fulfills Its Mission (Springer Praxis Books)
  37. 2020-02-05Elasticized Ecclesiology: The Concept of Community after Ernst Troeltsch (Pathways for Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue)
  38. 2020-02-05The Obama Presidency and the Politics of Change (Studies of the Americas)
  39. 2020-02-06Is there a Judeo-Christian Tradition? (Perspectives on Jewish Texts and Contexts)
  40. 2020-02-06US-China Relations: Perilous Past, Uncertain Present
  41. 2020-02-06Good Food in Paris: Original and Sustainable (Guide Tao)
  42. 2020-02-06White Butterflies
  43. 2020-02-06Hitler's Girls: Doves Amongst Eagles
  44. 2020-02-06Quid Pro Quo: What the Romans Really Gave the English Language
  45. 2020-02-06Anarchy in the Pure Land: Reinventing the Cult of Maitreya in Modern Chinese Buddhism
  46. 2020-02-06Medicine in First World War Europe: Soldiers, Medics, Pacifists
  47. 2020-02-06Sea Harrier FRS 1 vs Mirage III/Dagger: South Atlantic 1982 (Duel)
  48. 2020-02-06Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, Post-Facts, and Fake News
  49. 2020-02-06Sea Stories: True Adventures of Great Lakes Freighter Captain, Richard Metz
  50. 2020-02-06Pennsylvania Scrapple: A Delectable History (American Palate)
  51. 2020-02-06Antifascism, Sports, Sobriety: Forging a Militant Working-Class Culture
  52. 2020-02-06The Experiment: Georgia's Forgotten Revolution 1918-1921
  53. 2020-02-06The Ancient Egyptian Metaphysical Architecture
  54. 2020-02-06Grown-Up Anger: The Connected Mysteries of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and the Calumet Massacre of 1913
  55. 2020-02-06To Catch A King: Charles II's Great Escape
  56. 2020-02-06Daring Women of History: Amelia Earhart
  57. 2020-02-07Hypatia: The Life and Legend of an Ancient Philosopher (Women in Antiquity)
  58. 2020-02-07Living the Revolution: Urban Communes & Soviet Socialism, 1917-1932 (Oxford Studies in Modern European History)
  59. 2020-02-07The Returns of Fetishism: Charles de Brosses and the Afterlives of an Idea
  60. 2020-02-07The Making of Selim: Succession, Legitimacy, and Memory in the Early Modern Ottoman World
  61. 2020-02-07The Oxford Handbook of Prehistoric Figurines (Oxford Handbooks)
  62. 2020-02-07The Oxford Handbook of Secularism (Oxford Handbooks)
  63. 2020-02-07Cul de Sac: Patrimony, Capitalism, and Slavery in French Saint-Domingue
  64. 2020-02-07Sound Knowledge: Music and Science in London, 1789-1851
  65. 2020-02-07Before Nature: Cuneiform Knowledge and the History of Science
  66. 2020-02-07Normality: A Critical Genealogy
  67. 2020-02-07The Rough Guide to Myanmar (Burma) (Travel Guide) (Rough Guides) Ed 2
  68. 2020-02-07Serbia under the Swastika: A World War II Occupation (History of Military Occupation)
  69. 2020-02-07Orientalizing the Jew: Religion, Culture, and Imperialism in Nineteenth-Century France (The Modern Jewish Experience)
  70. 2020-02-07Colonialism and the Jews (The Modern Jewish Experience)
  71. 2020-02-07The Chinese Typewriter: A History (The MIT Press)
  72. 2020-02-07Ancient Ink: The Archaeology of Tattooing
  73. 2020-02-07The Crimean Nexus: Putin’s War and the Clash of Civilizations
  74. 2020-02-07The Virtual Weapon and International Order
  75. 2020-02-07The London Cage: The Secret History of Britain's World War II Interrogation Centre
  76. 2020-02-07Unfinished Business: The Unexplored Causes of the Financial Crisis and the Lessons Yet to be Learned
  77. 2020-02-07NKJV, Unapologetic Study Bible, Hardcover, Red Letter Edition: Confidence for Such a Time As This
  78. 2020-02-07Trials of the Earth: The True Story of a Pioneer Woman
  79. 2020-02-07The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve
  80. 2020-02-07The Routledge Guidebook to The New Testament (The Routledge Guides to the Great Books)
  81. 2020-02-07Science Writing in Greco-Roman Antiquity (Key Themes in Ancient History)
  82. 2020-02-07A History of Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Middle East (The Contemporary Middle East)
  83. 2020-02-07The Last Ottoman Generation and the Making of the Modern Middle East
  84. 2020-02-07The English Conquest of Jamaica: Oliver Cromwell’s Bid for Empire
  85. 2020-02-07Europe’s India: Words, People, Empires, 1500–1800
  86. 2020-02-07Corporations and American Democracy
  87. 2020-02-07The Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease, and the End of an Empire (The Princeton History of the Ancient World)
  88. 2020-02-07The House of Government: A Saga of the Russian Revolution
  89. 2020-02-07Dining Posture in Ancient Rome: Bodies, Values, and Status
  90. 2020-02-07Washington: A History of the Capital, 1800-1950 (Princeton Legacy Library)
  91. 2020-02-07Total Focus: Make Better Decisions Under Pressure
  92. 2020-02-07On the Arab-Jew, Palestine, and Other Displacements: Selected Writings of Ella Shohat
  93. 2020-02-07Strategy in War and Peace
  94. 2020-02-07Rough Mason, Mason, Freemason, Accepted Mason
  95. 2020-02-07Catharine Parr Traill’s The Female Emigrant’s Guide: Cooking with a Canadian Classic (Carleton Library Series)
  96. 2020-02-07Mrs. Oswald Chambers
  97. 2020-02-07Impossible Exodus: Iraqi Jews in Israel (Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and Cultures)
  98. 2020-02-07Bad Rabbi: And Other Strange but True Stories from the Yiddish Press (Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture)
  99. 2020-02-07Lincoln and Congress (Concise Lincoln Library)
  100. 2020-02-07The Final Mission: Preserving NASA's Apollo Sites
  101. 2020-02-07Loan Sharks: The Birth of Predatory Lending


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