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  1. by Kieran Healy / 2020-04-28Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction
  2. 2020-04-29The Hungry Mind: The Origins of Curiosity in Childhood
  3. 2020-04-29Engineers of Jihad: The Curious Connection between Violent Extremism and Education
  4. 2020-04-29AP® Psychology Crash Course, 2nd Ed., Book Online (Advanced Placement (AP) Crash Course)
  5. 2020-04-29Advanced English-Arabic Translation: A Practical Guide
  6. 2020-04-29The 30 Day MBA: Your Fast Track Guide to Business Success (30 Day MBA Series)
  7. 2020-04-29The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance: Your Fast Track Guide to Business Success (30 Day MBA Series)
  8. 2020-04-29The 30 Day MBA in International Business: Your Fast Track Guide to Business Success (30 Day MBA Series)
  9. 2020-04-29Educational Leadership: Perspectives on Preparation and Practice
  10. 2020-04-29The Public Sociology Debate: Ethics and Engagement
  11. 2020-04-29Law School Essays That Made a Difference, 6th Edition (Graduate School Admissions Guides) Ed 6
  12. 2020-04-29Cracking the AP Calculus AB Exam, 2016 Edition (College Test Preparation)
  13. 2020-04-29Reading and Representing Across the Content Areas (Language and Literacy Series)
  14. 2020-04-29Becoming Young Thinkers: Deep Project Work in the Classroom (Early Childhood Education)
  15. 2020-04-30Working Cross-Culturally: Identity Learning, Border Crossing and Culture Brokering
  16. 2020-04-30Learn Spanish While Traveling: (Free Traveling Tips Included!)
  17. 2020-04-30The Psychosis Response Guide: How to Help Young People in Psychiatric Crises
  18. 2020-04-30The School-To-Prison Pipeline: A Comprehensive Assessment
  19. 2020-04-30Understanding Management: Social Science Foundations
  20. by Chris McMullen / 2020-04-30Essential Calculus Skills Practice Workbook with Full Solutions
  21. by Hamza Alsamraee / 2020-04-30Advanced Calculus Explored: With Applications in Physics, Chemistry, and Beyond
  22. by Chris McMullen / 2020-04-3050 Challenging Calculus Problems (Fully Solved)
  23. by The Princeton Review / 2020-04-30Cracking the AP Calculus AB Exam 2020, Premium Edition: 6 Practice Tests Complete Content Review (College Test Preparation)
  24. 2020-04-30Close Reading and Writing From Sources
  25. 2020-04-30Write Now! Empowering Writers in Today's K-6 Classroom
  26. 2020-04-30Changing the Playbook: How Power, Profit, and Politics Transformed College Sports (Sport and Society)
  27. 2020-04-30Rousseau on Education, Freedom, and Judgment
  28. 2020-04-30The Power of Forgetting: Six Essential Skills to Clear Out Brain Clutter and Become the Sharpest, Smartest You
  29. 2020-04-30The New English Class: A GUIDE TO THE WRITING GAME LINGUA GALAXIAE
  30. 2020-04-30For the Benefit of Those Who See: Dispatches from the World of the Blind
  31. by Aaron Mortenson, School Area / 2020-04-30I learn my times Tables
  32. by Mark Ryan / 2020-04-30Calculus For Dummies (For Dummies (Math & Science)) 2nd Edition
  33. by James Stewart / 2020-04-30Calculus: Early Transcendentals 008 Edition
  34. by Brian Clegg, / 2020-04-30Introducing Infinity: A Graphic Guide (Introducing...)
  35. by Mark Zegarelli / 2020-04-30Calculus II For Dummies 2nd Edition
  36. by The Princeton Review / 2020-04-30Cracking the AP Calculus BC Exam, 2020 Edition: Practice Tests & Proven Techniques to Help You Score a 5 (College Test Preparation)
  37. 2020-04-30Advanced Excel for Productivity
  38. by James Stewart, Daniel K. Clegg / 2020-04-30Calculus: Early Transcendentals 009 Edition
  39. 2020-04-30Learn to Program in Arduino C: 18 Lessons, from setup() to robots
  40. by Kit-Wing Yu / 2020-04-30Problems and Solutions for Undergraduate Real Analysis
  41. 2020-04-30Cracking the AP Calculus AB Exam, 2017 Edition: Proven Techniques to Help You Score a 5 (College Test Preparation)
  42. by Mary Jane Sterling / 2020-04-30Pre-Calculus For Dummies 3rd Edition
  43. by Paul Lockhart / 2020-04-30Measurement
  44. by Ivan Pastine, Tuvana Pastine / 2020-04-30Introducing Game Theory: A Graphic Guide (Introducing...)
  45. by Dan Cryan, Sharron Shatil / 2020-04-30Introducing Logic: A Graphic Guide (Introducing...)
  46. 2020-04-30School Bullying: New Theories in Context
  47. by Eileen Magnello, / 2020-04-30Introducing Statistics: A Graphic Guide (Introducing...)
  48. by M. Mitchell Waldrop / 2020-04-30Complexity: The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos
  49. by Albert Rutherford / 2020-04-30The Systems Thinker: Essential Thinking Skills For Solving Problems, Managing Chaos, and Creating Lasting Solutions in a Complex World (The Systems Thinker Series Book 1)
  50. 2020-04-30Studies in Expansive Learning: Learning What Is Not Yet There
  51. 2020-04-30Knowledge and the Public Interest, 1575-1725
  52. 2020-05-01The Innovator's Mindset: Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity
  53. 2020-05-01Essentials of Planning, Selecting, and Tailoring Interventions for Unique Learners (Essentials of Psychological Assessment)
  54. 2020-05-01A Non-Freaked Out Guide to Teaching the Common Core: Using the 32 Literacy Anchor Standards to Develop College- and Career-Ready Students
  55. 2020-05-01Economics and socialism; 1895 [Hardcover]
  56. 2020-05-01Entanglement, Information, and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (The Frontiers Collection)
  57. 2020-05-01Robust Estimation and Failure Detection; A Concise Treatment (Advances in Industrial Control)
  58. 2020-05-01Lean Six Sigma Using SigmaXL and Minitab - Removed
  59. 2020-05-01Option Trading; Pricing and Volatility Strategies and Techniques (Wiley Trading Book 445)
  60. 2020-05-01The Semiperiphery of Academic Writing: Discourses, Communities and Practices
  61. 2020-05-01Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century II
  62. 2020-05-01The Inspirational Teacher Ed 2
  63. 2020-05-01Make Your Own Lunch: How to Live an Epically Epic Life through Work, Travel, Wonder, and (Maybe) College
  64. 2020-05-01Arab Dawn: Arab Youth and the Demographic Dividend They Will Bring (UTP Insights)
  65. 2020-05-01Real Money Answers for Every Woman: How to Win the Money Game With or Without a Man
  66. 2020-05-01A Passion for Leadership: Lessons on Change and Reform from Fifty Years of Public Service
  67. 2020-05-01Applied Minds: How Engineers Think
  68. by Albert Rutherford / 2020-05-01The Systems Thinker - Analytical Skills: Level Up Your Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Deduction Skills. Notice The Details Others Miss. (The Systems Thinker Series Book 2)
  69. by Abhishek V R / 2020-05-01Mental Math: Tricks To Become A Human Calculator (For Speed Math, Math Tricks, Vedic Math Enthusiasts, GMAT, GRE, SAT Students & Case Interview Study)
  70. by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic / 2020-05-01Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals
  71. by Nate Silver / 2020-05-01The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail-but Some Don't - Removed
  72. by Donella H. Meadows / 2020-05-01Thinking in Systems: A Primer
  73. by Albert Rutherford / 2020-05-01The Systems Thinker - Mental Models: Take Control Over Your Thought Patterns. Learn Advanced Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills. (The Systems Thinker Series Book 3)
  74. by Jordan Ellenberg / 2020-05-01How Not to Be Wrong: The Hidden Maths of Everyday Life - Removed
  75. by Vadim Babenko / 2020-05-01The Place of Quarantine
  76. by Matt Parker / 2020-05-01Humble Pi: When Math Goes Wrong in the Real World - Removed
  77. by Michael S. Schneider / 2020-05-01A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science
  78. by J.P. McEvoy, Oscar Zarate / 2020-05-01Introducing Quantum Theory: A Graphic Guide (Introducing...)
  79. by Leon Lederman, Dick Teresi / 2020-05-01God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?
  80. by Brian Greene / 2020-05-01Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe
  81. by Stephen Hawking / 2020-05-01A Brief History Of Time: From Big Bang To Black Holes
  82. by Carlo Rovelli / 2020-05-01Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity
  83. by Walter Russell / 2020-05-01The Universal One
  84. by Arthur Firstenberg / 2020-05-01The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life
  85. by Antonio Lallena / 2020-05-01El Big Bang y el origen del universo (NATGEO CIENCIAS) (Spanish Edition)
  86. 2020-05-01Agile Experience Design; A Digital Designer's Guide to Agile, Lean, and Continuous (Voices That Matter)
  87. 2020-05-01Transactions on High-Performance Embedded Architectures and Compilers I (Lecture Notes in Computer Science (4050))
  88. 2020-05-01Eurogames; The Design, Culture and Play of Modern European Board Games
  89. 2020-05-01Handbook of Polypropylene and Polypropylene Composites, Revised and Expanded (Plastics Engineering)
  90. by Randall Munroe / 2020-05-01How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems
  91. by Carlo Rovelli / 2020-05-01The Order of Time
  92. by Sean Carroll / 2020-05-01Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime - Removed
  93. 2020-05-01Question Everything: The Rise of AVID as America's Largest College Readiness Program
  94. by Modern Science / 2020-05-01QUANTUM PHYSICS for Beginners in 90 Minutes without Math: All the major ideas of quantum mechanics, from quanta to entanglement, in simple language
  95. by Craig Callender / 2020-05-01Introducing Time: A Graphic Guide (Introducing...)
  96. by David Lindley / 2020-05-01The Dream Universe: How Fundamental Physics Lost Its Way - Removed
  97. 2020-05-01Edupreneur: Unleashing Teacher Led Innovation in Schools
  98. 2020-05-01Medieval Archaeology; Understanding Traditions and Contemporary Approaches
  99. 2020-05-01Games Gods and Gambling
  100. 2020-05-01Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction, Carpentry, Building and Architecture, Volume III, Complete framing Roof trussesMechanical Drafting, Architectural Drafting
  101. 2020-05-01Handbook of Research on Information Management and the Global Landscape


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