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  1. 2019-12-14Stress and Animal Welfare: Key Issues in the Biology of Humans and Other Animals Ed 2 - Removed
  2. 2019-12-14A World Beyond Physics: The Emergence and Evolution of Life
  3. 2019-12-14Byproducts from Agriculture and Fisheries: Adding Value for Food, Feed, Pharma and Fuels
  4. 2019-12-14Submarine Landslides: Subaqueous Mass Transport Deposits from Outcrops to Seismic Profiles (Geophysical Monograph Series)
  5. 2019-12-14Optical Properties of Materials and Their Applications (Wiley Series in Materials for Electronic & Optoelectronic Applications) Ed 2
  6. 2019-12-14Computer Modeling in the Aerospace Industry
  7. 2019-12-14Cyborg Futures: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Social and Cultural Studies of Robots and AI)
  8. 2019-12-14DIY MEMS: Fabricating Microelectromechanical Systems in Open Use Labs
  9. 2019-12-14Theory of Thermodynamic Measurements of Quantum Systems Far from Equilibrium (Springer Theses) - Removed
  10. 2019-12-14Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence: 8th International Conference, PReMI 2019, Tezpur, India, December 17-20, 2019, Proceedings, Part II (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  11. 2019-12-14Baugeologie Ed 3
  12. 2019-12-14Autonome Shuttlebusse im ÖPNV: Analysen und Bewertungen zum Fallbeispiel Bad Birnbach aus technischer, gesellschaftlicher und planerischer Sicht
  13. 2019-12-14Dictionnaire rouchi-français De J. Hécart
  14. 2019-12-14Nature Inspired Computing for Data Science (Studies in Computational Intelligence)
  15. 2019-12-14Blockchain und maschinelles Lernen: Wie das maschinelle Lernen und die Distributed-Ledger-Technologie voneinander profitieren
  16. 2019-12-14Soft Computing for Problem Solving: SocProS 2018, Volume 2 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing)
  17. 2019-12-14Beginning MATLAB and Simulink: From Novice to Professional
  18. 2019-12-15Beginning Kubernetes on the Google Cloud Platform: A Guide to Automating Application Deployment, Scaling, and Management
  19. 2019-12-15Rust in Action
  20. 2019-12-15Deep Learning for Vision Systems
  21. 2019-12-15Mastering Large Datasets: Parallelize and Distribute Your Python Code
  22. 2019-12-15Programmieren in TypeScript: Skalierbare JavaScript-Applikationen entwickeln
  23. 2019-12-15Einführung in Data Science: Grundprinzipien der Datenanalyse mit Python Ed 2
  24. 2019-12-15Magnetic Material for Motor Drive Systems: Fusion Technology of Electromagnetic Fields (Engineering Materials)
  25. 2019-12-15Delay Controlled Partial Synchronization in Complex Networks (Springer Theses)
  26. 2019-12-15RoboCup 2019: Robot World Cup XXIII (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  27. 2019-12-15Advances in Micro and Nano Manufacturing and Surface Engineering: Proceedings of AIMTDR 2018 (Lecture Notes on Multidisciplinary Industrial Engineering) - Removed
  28. 2019-12-15Industrial Machine Learning: Using Artificial Intelligence as a Transformational Disruptor
  29. 2019-12-15Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Industrial Engineering (ICIE 2019): Volume I (Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering) - Removed
  30. 2019-12-15Advances in Engineering Research and Application: Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Research and Applications, ICERA 2019 (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems)
  31. 2019-12-15Smart Computing Paradigms: New Progresses and Challenges: Proceedings of ICACNI 2018, Volume 1 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing) - Removed
  32. 2019-12-15Fourth International Congress on Information and Communication Technology: ICICT 2019, London, Volume 1 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing) - Removed
  33. 2019-12-15Machine Learning with the Raspberry Pi: Experiments with Data and Computer Vision
  34. 2019-12-15Python Workout: 50 Essential Exercises
  35. 2019-12-15Advances in Communication, Signal Processing, VLSI, and Embedded Systems: Select Proceedings of VSPICE 2019 (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering)
  36. 2019-12-15Java lernen in abgeschlossenen Lerneinheiten: Programmieren für Einsteiger mit vielen Beispielen
  37. 2019-12-15Arduino For Beginners: A Step by Step Ultimate Guide to Learn Arduino Programming
  38. 2019-12-15Hacking With Kali Linux: A Step By Step Guide To Ethical Hacking, Hacking Tools, And Protect Your Family And Business From Cyber Attacks Using The Basics Of Cybersecurity
  39. 2019-12-15Artificial Intelligence for Beginners: Easy to understand guide of Ai, data Science and Internet of Things. How to use AI in practice? Revelations of Ai superpowers explained for the real world
  40. 2019-12-15Automated Testing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Efficiently automate test cases in Dynamics NAV and Business Central
  41. 2019-12-15WINDOWS 10 1909 November Update USER’S GUIDE: Get Everything You Need to Know About the November 2019 Windows 10 Update With illustrations
  42. 2019-12-15Raspberry Pi (2020 Edition): Questions and Answers
  43. 2019-12-15C#: An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to C#
  44. 2019-12-15C : Step by step Beginners Guide in Mastering C
  45. 2019-12-15NodeJS: Programmare Web-App con JavaScript (Programmazione Web Vol. 3) (Italian Edition)
  46. 2019-12-15PROGRAMMAZIONE WEB: La guida completa per lo sviluppo lato server. Include PHP, MySQL e NodeJS (Sviluppo Web Vol. 4) (Italian Edition)
  47. 2019-12-15Hands-On Smart Contract Development with Solidity and Ethereum: From Fundamentals to Deployment
  48. 2019-12-15Python Advanced Programming: The guide to learn pyhton programming. Reference with exercises and samples about dynamical programming, multithreading, multiprocessing, debugging, testing and more.
  49. 2019-12-15Hands-On Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js: A guide to building ML applications integrated with web technology using the TensorFlow.js library
  50. 2019-12-15Python Machine Learning - Third Edition
  51. 2019-12-15HTML per tutti (Italian Edition)
  52. 2019-12-15C for beginners: learn in a week step by step to use c programming language with practical examples for beginners
  53. 2019-12-15Mechanically Responsive Materials for Soft Robotics
  54. 2019-12-15Internet Hustlers: The rise of social media influencers
  55. 2019-12-15Thermodynamics: Basic Principles and Engineering Applications (Mechanical Engineering Series) - Removed
  56. 2019-12-15Phase Transition Dynamics Ed 2
  57. 2019-12-15Minimal Cells: Design, Construction, Biotechnological Applications - Removed
  58. 2019-12-15Forward Error Correction via Channel Coding - Removed
  59. 2019-12-15Datenanalyse, Abstimmung und Entwicklung (Handbuch Rennwagentechnik (5), Band 5) Ed 2
  60. 2019-12-15Learning Python: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Coding with Python with Useful Tools (Artificial Intelligence)
  61. 2019-12-15Python Programming: The Complete Guide to Learn Python for Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, GUI and More With Practical Exercises and Interview Questions
  62. 2019-12-15Large-Scale C Volume I: Process and Architecture (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)
  63. 2019-12-15Real-World Software Development: A Project-Driven Guide to Fundamentals in Java
  64. 2019-12-15The Ultimate Beginners Guide to learn SQL Programming: A Smart Step by Step Guide to Learn SQL Database and Server. How to Building an Advanced and Elite Level in SQL
  65. 2019-12-15Learn Java Programming: A Definitive Crash Course For Beginners to Learn Java Fast. Secrets, Tips and Tricks to Programming with Java Code and The Fundamentals to Creating Your First Program
  66. 2019-12-15Computer networking first step: The Essential Guide To Networking To Introduce Yourself To The Computer Network Through a Top-down Approach And Various Infrastructures (programming)
  67. 2019-12-15COMPUTER NETWORKING COURSE: Learn The Basic Tools Of The Computer Networking From The Bottom Up In 20 Minutes a Day. Planning The Networks And Configuring The Windows Servers (programming)
  68. 2019-12-15Computer Networking Beginners Guide: What Is The Computer Network And How To Learn It In a Simple Way? The Easy Step By Step Guide For Beginners (programming)
  69. 2019-12-15Python Data Science: How to Learn Step by Step Programming, Data Analytics, and Coding Essentials Tools
  70. 2019-12-15Data Science: A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Learn the Realms of Data Science
  71. 2019-12-15python for data science: the introduction to computer for absolutely beginners and advanced
  72. 2019-12-15Les proverbes, dictons et maximes - Alexandre Bouthors
  73. 2019-12-16Learn SOLIDWORKS 2020: A hands-on guide to becoming an accomplished SOLIDWORKS Associate and Professional
  74. 2019-12-16Python Machine Learning for Beginners: The First Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners to Programming and Deep Learning with Python. Data Science, Artificial Intelligence Using Scikit-Learn.
  75. 2019-12-16KOTLIN AND RUST FOR BEGINNERS: 2 BOOKS IN 1 - Learn Coding Fast! KOTLIN Programming Language And RUST Crash Course, A QuickStart Guide, Tutorial Book by Program Examples, In Easy Steps!
  76. 2019-12-16Hands-on Azure Repos: Understanding Centralized and Distributed Version Control in Azure DevOps Services
  77. 2019-12-16The DevOps 2.5 Toolkit: Monitoring, Logging, and Auto-Scaling Kubernetes: Making Resilient, Self-Adaptive, And Autonomous Kubernetes Clusters (The DevOps Toolkit Series)
  78. 2019-12-16D3-Praxisbuch: Interaktive JavaScript-Grafiken im Browser
  79. 2019-12-16Visual C#.NET: Windows Forms Programming with C#
  80. 2019-12-16Hacking with Kali Linux: A Step by Step Guide to Learn the Basics of Linux Penetration. What A Beginner Needs to Know About Wireless Networks Hacking and Systems Security. Tools Explanation Included
  81. 2019-12-16Learn Python Programming: A Beginners Guide to Learn the Hard Way Visually in One Day and Learn It Well Hands-on Learning With Basics Of Computer Language And Python Coding With Practical Exercises
  82. 2019-12-16Hands-On Application Development with PyCharm: Accelerate your Python applications using practical coding techniques in PyCharm
  83. 2019-12-16The Unicorn Project: A Novel about Developers, Digital Disruption, and Thriving in the Age of Data
  84. 2019-12-16Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence Modeling: Practical Tools, Tips and Techniques
  85. 2019-12-16When the Earth Had Two Moons: Cannibal Planets, Icy Giants, Dirty Comets, Dreadful Orbits, and the Origins of the Night Sky - Removed
  86. 2019-12-16Effective TypeScript: 62 Specific Ways to Improve Your TypeScript
  87. 2019-12-16Transient Analysis of Power Systems: A Practical Approach (Wiley - IEEE)
  88. 2019-12-16Condition Monitoring with Vibration Signals: Compressive Sampling and Learning Algorithms for Rotating Machines (Wiley - IEEE)
  89. 2019-12-16Essentials of Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering Ed 2
  90. 2019-12-16Movement Equations 5: Dynamics of a Set of Solids
  91. 2019-12-16Bash Scripting: Everything you need to know about Bash
  92. 2019-12-16Migrating Applications to the Cloud with Azure: Re-architect and rebuild your applications using cloud-native technologies
  93. 2019-12-16Implementing an Information Security Management System: Security Management Based on ISO 27001 Guidelines
  94. 2019-12-16Developing Accessible iOS Apps: Support VoiceOver, Dynamic Type, and More
  95. 2019-12-16C Programming for the PIC Microcontroller: Demystify Coding with Embedded Programming
  96. 2019-12-16Methods and Models in Mathematical Programming - Removed
  97. 2019-12-16Insect Mouthparts: Form, Function, Development and Performance (Zoological Monographs)
  98. 2019-12-16Supercomputing: 5th Russian Supercomputing Days, RuSCDays 2019, Moscow, Russia, September 23–24, 2019, Revised Selected Papers (Communications in Computer and Information Science)
  99. 2019-12-16Introducing Azure Kubernetes Service: A Practical Guide to Container Orchestration - Removed
  100. 2019-12-16The AI Organization: Learn from Real Companies and Microsoft’s Journey How to Redefine Your Organization with AI
  101. 2019-12-16Artificial Intelligence: Evolution and Revolution


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